Intel Ruixuan A370M Professional Graphics Card: Priced at 5599 yuan ($835)


After Intel’s Arc Ruixuan game card was released in March, it has finally started to be listed in large numbers in China. Before the Mechanic’s Dawning 16 game book was released Ruixuan A730M alone, now Thor’s T-Book game book was first released on Ruixuan A370M The graphics card starts at 5,899 yuan, and the first discount is only 5,599 yuan.

Regarding the performance of the Intel Ruixuan A370M independent display, we reported a detailed test a few days ago. In short, the game performance can be on the same level as GTX 1050 Ti, which is about 50% lower than RTX 3050. However, A370M is in AI acceleration, The performance of PR video clips and 8K output is good, even slightly higher than the RTX 3050 graphics card. It has an advantage in productivity and is worth fighting for.

The performance catches up with the 1050 Ti Thunderbolt game book for the first time. Intel Ruixuan A370M alone shows: 5599 yuan in hand

In addition to the graphics card, the Thor T-Book 16 is also equipped with a 16-inch 2.5K large screen, 100% sRGB color gamut, 350 nits of brightness, a thickness of 17.8mm, and a weight of 1.68 kg, which is still very thin.

Other configurations include 12th-generation Core Duo, 16GB memory, 512GB hard drive, 70Wh battery, 14-hour battery life, USB-C 3.1 interface, etc. It is a little regrettable that there is no Thunderbolt 4.

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In terms of price, the Core i5-12450H version is priced at 5,899 yuan, with a starting discount of 300 yuan, and the Core i9-12900H version is priced at 7,099 yuan.

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