iOS 13.1 officially Released To Fix a Bunch of Bugs


Apple released an official version of iOS 13.1, and any device that upgraded to iOS 13 can be upgraded to iOS 13.1.

Under the iOS 13.1 system, the iPhone 11 series models can finally realize the function of pointing to the file announced at the press conference. This function can quickly identify the “space delivery” around you, mainly thanks to the newly added U1 chip of the iPhone 11 series. Therefore, the old device is out of this function.

In addition to the new features, bug fixes are the focus of the iOS 13.1 update, as well as optimizing battery charging and slowing battery drain.

The update is as follows:
Air delivery

Pointing an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max to another, you can use the ultra-wideband technology brought by the new U1 chip to select objects for space delivery with space awareness

Shortcut instruction

  • The automated actions suggested in the Quick Command Center are personalized for your daily operations
  • Personal and home automation automatically run shortcut commands based on trigger conditions
  • The Family app supports displaying shortcuts as advanced actions in the Automation tab.


  • Use “shared arrival time” to send your estimated arrival time while you are on the way

Battery health

  • Optimized battery charging, slowing down battery drain by reducing the iPhone’s full charge time
  • Performance management features for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max to prevent the accidental shutdown of your device, including the option to disable this feature during unexpected shutdowns
  • Battery Health cannot verify notifications when using a new genuine Apple battery in iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and subsequent models
  • This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements.

This update:

  • Added a link to the “I” tab in “Find” to allow others to sign in and locate lost devices
  • Includes notifications when it is not possible to verify that the iPhone display in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max is a new genuine Apple display
  • Resolved an issue in Mail that could result in incorrect downloads, missing senders and topics, difficulty in selecting topics or adding flags, repeating notifications, or overlapping fields
  • Fixed an issue in Mail that might not be able to download emails in the background
  • Solved the problem that my expression may not be able to track facial expression correctly in “Information”
  • Fixed an issue where photos might not be displayed in the details view of Info
  • Fixed an issue where some users in the Reminder could not share iCloud lists
  • Fixed an issue where Exchange Memos might not be displayed in search results for Memos
  • Resolved an issue where the birthday calendar in the Calendar may be displayed multiple times
  • Resolved an issue in the Files app that could cause the third-party login interface to not display
  • Resolved an issue that might cause the direction to rotate when swiping from the lock screen to access the Camera
  • Resolved an issue that could cause the display to go to sleep when interacting with the lock screen
  • Resolved an issue where the app icon on the Home screen might appear blank or another App
  • Fixed an issue where wallpapers that could be supported could not be switched when changing between “light” and “dark” modes
  • Resolved stability issues when logging out of iCloud from “Passwords and Accounts” in Settings
  • Fixed an issue that may continue to fail when signing in to update Apple ID settings
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the device to not vibrate when connected to the charger
  • Fixed an issue that could cause users and groups to show blur in “Shared Forms”
  • Fixed an issue where alternate words might not be displayed when tapping a misspelled word
  • Fixed an issue where multilingual typing might stop working
  • Fixed an issue where you might not be able to switch back to the quick input keyboard after using a third-party keyboard
  • Fixed an issue that might cause the edit menu to not display when selecting the text
  • Fixed an issue where Siri might not read “information” in CarPlay car
  • Solved the problem that the CarPlay car may not be able to send information using the third-party messaging app.

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