iPad Pro 2020 or Will Use ToF 3D Sensing Technology


Apple plans to release a new iPad Pro product in March 2020 or will support ToF 3D sensing technology.

ToF is the abbreviation of Time of Flight, which is the time of flight. The technology is to send a light pulse to the target, and then use the sensor to receive the reflected light to calculate the distance. Simply put, like our childhood travel = time * speed.

Compared to the Face ID, the ToF lens captures 3D images faster and more accurately, which is a great help for Apple’s aggressive AR applications.

As Apple’s positioning of the iPad Pro as a productivity tool, it has gradually widened the price and hardware gap between the various product lines of the iPad. As an AR technology promoted by Apple, it is not surprising that the iPad Pro is equipped with ToF 3D sensing technology.

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It is said that South Korean manufacturer Derkwoo Electronics will supply Apple with related sensor components and will start mass production by the end of 2019, and it may be installed on the new iPhone next year.

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