iPhone 11 is officially Releasing Tonight: And The Appearance Configuration Was Basically Confirmed!


Apple will officially release the iPhone 11 at 1:00 this evening. I believe many people can’t wait, and today the foreign media officially released the latest renderings of the iPhone 11 and announced that there may be some minor changes, such as Naming rules, etc. The iPhone 11 is officially released tonight, and the appearance configuration is basically certain. Is this the true level of Apple? Not much to say, let’s take a look.

The first is the naming rules, the foreign media said that Apple’s new machine may be named iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, in other words, the name is quite a mouthful to read. The corresponding upgraded products are the previous iPhoneXR, iPhone Xs, and iPhoneXs Max. Because Apple has not officially announced yet, so in order to make everyone understand more convenient, below we will still be based on the name of iPhone 11.

What is certain is that there are three new iPhones, the size is still 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.5 inches. It is said that this can save Apple a lot of cost, close to 10%, but this saves 400 yuan cost, Apple It seems that it is not intended to give benefits to consumers, and still maintain the expensive price of the original iPhone.

The most interesting thing about this time is that the iPhone 11 series will add a super wide-angle camera, with the previous 12MP dual-camera three-camera design. As we all know, Apple has not had much improvement in taking pictures in the past two years. Since Apple proposed to innovate this year, it is the first to make changes in taking pictures. After all, Samsung and Huawei have developed four camera phones, and their climbing strength has increased significantly. In addition, Apple will upgrade the front-mounted 10 megapixel camera to make changes again in the self-timer.

The biggest change in the iPhone 11 series this time may be in color matching. At present, it is basically confirmed that the Apple iPhone 11 series will add dark green, and there may be a lilac purple color. As for whether the iPhone 11 that everyone is most concerned about will add a gradient body, it is still not completely certain. But we are very much looking forward to Apple’s ability to launch a mobile phone with a gradient design. After all, this is the current trend in the industry. However, in terms of the overall design, the iPhone 11 series still maintain the previous style, the front is still Notch, the back is still the glass body, the design ID has not changed much.

In terms of hardware configuration, iPhone 11, basically can confirm that it will be equipped with A13 processor, and adapt to the latest iOS13.1 system, and foreign media said that this time iPhone 11 may increase the Apple Pencil smart stylus, mainly hope to Increase the usability of the iPhone, but Apple Pencil’s independent price may reach $99, which is quite expensive.

Another change is the iPhone 11’s battery and fast charge. The foreign media said that the iPhone 11 series will have a battery capacity of more than 3000mAh, and it also supports 18W fast charge, which has changed the previous 5W charging. In addition, users can also charge the old iPhone by purchasing a charging head, because in fact the old iPhone also supports fast charging, but the charger does not have fast charging. In addition, the foreign media also showed the internal structure of the iPhone 11 exposure map, compared to the iPhoneXR basically no change, only the camera part changed the most.

Finally, the price, the price of the iPhone 11 series is also exposed, the price of the iPhone 11R will be 749 US dollars, but only 64GB storage start, 128GB price reached 799 US dollars, iPhone 11 price is 899 US dollars, 128GB storage start, iPhone 11Pro price is 1099 The dollar is also starting at 128GB. This price is basically no major change compared to the previous old iPhone. The only drawback is that the storage space is relatively small. Of course, for Apple, storage space is the best way to control costs.

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iPhone 11 will be officially released tonight, we have seen so many foreign media about the iPhone 11 broke, do you think this is Apple’s true level? Welcome to talk about what you are most looking forward to.

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