iPhone 11 Pro Vs iPhone XS Vs iPhone X Speed Test


On September 10, 2019, Apple introduced the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The fact that the phones were far from the traditional Apple design did not escape the attention of the users and even turned into a humor device like the Mac Pro.

However, the most important feature that distinguishes the iPhone 11 from other iPhones is the new processor, which is 20% faster than the previous iPhone’s processor. So how did this difference in speed reflect on real life? To find out, watch the video created by EverythingApplePro below.

The first test is the simultaneous opening of many applications we use in daily life and the first phone race that opens all applications wins. The results of the first test show that all iPhones are close to each other. But things don’t go like this when it comes to the second test. First of all, let us briefly explain what the second test is.

All applications opened in the first test remain open in the background, which means they use the phone’s RAM memory. But before starting the first test, the raw performance of the phones emerges because the RAM memory is empty, ie no application is open.

In the second test, applications opened in the first test run in the background, while the first test re-opens one by one in order. This test reveals how the phone’s memory can control applications. If a phone can host all the applications in RAM, the second test is much better. If it does not, applications are wasted because they are opened from scratch.

The first test of EverythingApplePro was the winner of the iPhone XS. At the end of the second test, however, the iPhone XS has better RAM performance than the iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone XS makes a difference of 28 seconds to the iPhone 11 Pro, completing the test in 5 minutes and 21 seconds. The last name of the trio is the iPhone X with a performance of 7 minutes and 27 seconds.

One thing to remember here: iPhone XS and iPhone 11 (with or without Pro) carry the same amount of RAM; that’s 4GB. So why did the iPhone XS perform better than the iPhone 11? Although the answer has not yet been clarified, the biggest estimates are that there are errors affecting the performance of the iPhone 11 on the iOS 13.

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