iPhone 11 Review: Remove 3D Touch, Does Not Support 5G


In the new iPhone 11 series, the digital series replaces the R series to return to the volume position, while the higher positioning model, like the iPad product line, shows the identity with “Pro”. In addition to the naming changes, the positioning of the three machines is basically It can correspond to the previous generation XR, XS, and XS Max.

It may be the last series of iPhones in the 4G era. Their lifespan is hard to say as short as “The New iPad”, but is its new evolution worthy of your last trip to the 4G iPhone? There may be an answer you want here.

Hardware Configuration

In terms of price, the iPhone 11 is priced at 5,499 yuan for the 64GB version; 5,999 yuan for the 128GB version; and 6,799 yuan for the 256GB version. iPhone 11 Pro is priced at 64GB version 8699 yuan; 256GB version 9999 yuan; top with 512GB version 11799 yuan, iPhone11 Pro Max is priced at 64GB version 9599 yuan; 256GB version 10899 yuan; top with 512GB version 12699 yuan. The new machine will be pre-ordered on September 13 and will be officially released on September 20.

Design & Appearance

Without any surprises, the iPhone 11 series includes three products, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. First, look at the more expensive models, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, they will be the mainstay of this year’s flagship against Android flagship.

The front design of the Notch, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max gives people a first look and feel almost the same as the previous model, the same OLED material, the same narrow frame design, and the same bangs.

Fortunately, the iPhone designed by Liu Hai for two years still maintains a sense of the look and feel with the bottom edge of the frame, and the iPhone 11 Pro series has a little upgrade. For example, the stronger screen is still 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches, Apple called it “Super Retina XDR” screen, 458ppi, support HDR, 1200nit peak brightness, higher contrast performance.

As for the portable model iPhone 11, there is no accident to maintain Liquid Retina’s LCD screen, although the resolution and the flagship phone will be a little distance, the screen quality is still excellent, allowing users to “willingly” pay for the LCD, the screen size is 6.1 inches, Notch Not getting smaller, it doesn’t make much difference with iPhone XR.iPhone 11 series evaluation: 5G absent, they rely on these to counter Android

On the back, the biggest visual change in the new iPhone 11 series is here, offering four colors of gold, deep gray, silver, and dark green. In three years, Apple finally took a step from double to triple. Both the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max are equipped with a rear-mounted three-shot, although it is still “Ancestral” 12 Megapixels, the function and appearance have been upgraded a lot, as for the appearance of this “Yuba”…see it.

The Apple Logo has been adjusted from a higher position to a centered design, with a more modern visual aspect, and sleek body design, even with the sleek look of the Jobs Theatre, full of “apple flavor.” The mobile phone type iPhone 11 finally allows the new iPhone to be multi-camera, dual-camera, and colorful body design, I believe that I can take over the iPhone XR. With 6 colors, the iPhone 11 combines texture and design: white, black, red, yellow, new purple, hot green this year, and of course no absence.

The debut of the new iPhone 11 series gives people a feeling of a little surprise in appearance: even though Yuba’s appearance has revolutionized the iPhone X series design that has been used for two years; the smaller bangs bring high-screen ratio, but they have not left “stable and steady” The main theme.


In recent years, iPhone new products have focused on the camera, this time Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is no exception, the camera hardware, and software experience is fully upgraded, and the camera hardware configuration of the two. For example, the front camera is equipped with a 12MP TrueDepth lens, which supports new upgraded slow-motion video and front 4K 60fps camera, and supports portrait mode.

In the post-shooting side, the iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone 11 Pro Max rear camera has a new sensor with 12 Megapixels (wide-angle, F/1.8, six-mirror lens) + 12 Megapixels (telephoto), F / 2.0, six-mirror lens) + 12 Megapixels (120 ° super wide-angle, F / 2.4, five-mirror lens) combination, support up to 2x optical zoom, wide-angle and telephoto lens are equipped with optical image stabilization, When shooting in the same place, you can shoot three different pictures.

In terms of software, with portrait mode, out-of-focus imaging and depth of field control, and portrait light effects, it supports six effects (natural light, studio lighting, contour light, stage light, monochrome stage light, and high-profile monochromatic light). The night mode that everyone is looking forward to is finally equipped this time.

If you used to bring the iPhone’s shooting interface, this time you should be surprised, Apple brings a new and more beautiful immersive interface. With the wide viewing angle of the camera, you can see the picture outside the frame and experience better.

It is understood that when Apple designed the iPhone Pro camera, it is hoped that the three cameras of super wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto can operate at the same time. In order to achieve consistent results for different modules, engineers individually adjust the parameters such as white balance and exposure for each camera. In the smooth switching process of switching telephoto, wide-angle and super-wide-angle, the A13 bionic computing capability is utilized. Through the cooperation of the iPhone team, the style of the three-camera collaboration is adjusted to greatly enhance the shooting performance of the camera.

Wide-angle is a big upgrade of the iPhone 11 Pro family. It has a four-fold super wide-angle camera for shooting powerful scenes. Whether it’s a long leg of a girl or a magnificent mountain and river scenery, you can have a panoramic view. With the help of the A13 processor, the iPhone 11 Pro supports extended dynamic range and cinematic anti-shake, recording 4K 60fps video, and post-editing tools are also more fun.iPhone 11 series evaluation: 5G absent, they rely on these to counter Android

The new wide-angle camera sensor allows the public to expect the “night mode to achieve”, through intelligent software and A13 bionic, users only need to press the shutter, it will automatically generate a bright picture, no fear of the night.

When the system detects that the light environment is dark, the night mode will automatically turn on. With the optical image stabilization function, multiple copies of this final composition will be taken, similar to the multi-frame synthesis function promoted by Android manufacturers, for example, in a dim dinner, or The light environment is generally outdoor.

Portrait mode

In terms of camera blur, Apple has been leading many Android models, and this time the three cameras work together, the wide-angle can shoot more unique proofs, and when using iOS 13, there is a high-profile monochromatic effect, monochrome According to the needs of users with distinct personalities.

Apple has upgraded its Smart HDR feature, called “Next-Generation Smart HDR,” to enrich the highlights and shadows in photos with more sensitive light-sensing components, enhanced image signal processors, and advanced algorithms. The new sensor has lower low-light picture noise and richer details, which is better than the predecessor models.

Hardware & Performance

Apple Arcade as the opening, performance is undoubtedly the focus of Apple’s new equipment this year.

In fact, the power of the A-series processors ensures that the new iPhone will maintain its performance leadership while leading the price every year. This year’s new machine is still “the re-enactment of the trick,” the iPhone 11 series is equipped with a new A13 Bionic processor, equipped with a neural network engine, continue to force Apple to pay attention to AR functions and AI experience.

The flagship processor competition is no longer the battle between the two. This year, A13 is naturally full of strength. The A13 Bionic combines 4 efficiency cores + 2 performance cores with a 4-core GPU and integrates 8.5 billion transistors, improving performance by approximately 20%. Apple calls it “the fastest CPU in a smartphone” and has “the fastest GPU in a smartphone.”

The A13 Bionic is equipped with a new artificial intelligence core Neural Engine. Apple said that the machine’s machine learning (ML) performance has been greatly improved. The 8-core neural engine can perform 1 trillion operations per second. “With 6 times performance upgrade. AI is more powerful. There is no need to let the A13 processor “small material use” to achieve better performance. Of course, with Apple’s optimization, these enhancements will be “silently” reflected in your daily experience.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s National Bank iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max all support dual-card function. For users who have no dual-card in the previous generation iPhone XS, this time you can rest assured that you can start with a smaller screen. Flagship version.

In terms of battery life, the iPhones in the iPhone 11 series offer different levels of improvement. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is up to 5 hours longer than the previous generation, and the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 are up to 4 hours faster than their predecessor iPhone XS and iPhone XR. One hour of battery life delivers a more durable experience while delivering powerful performance.

Speaking of battery life, I have to mention that the iPhone has been charged by the spit. Over the years, although the press conference did not elaborate, Apple’s official website specifications show that the iPhone 11 Pro series comes with an 18-watt power adapter, which can be charged in about 30 minutes in the fast charge state. 50% power; iPhone 11 also supports 18W wired fast charge, but the official website reminds iPhone11 users to use 18 watt or more power adapters to be purchased separately. The bottom interface of the three new models is still Lightning, and the original factory provides USB-C to Lightning cable.


Despite a lot of upgrades, the new iPhone 11 series can’t give people the feeling of “fisting to the flesh” on the Android flagship as in the past. What is missing? As you may know, no 5G may become a hurdle for Apple to regain sales this year.

5G is always in turmoil, and the iPhone has no fear. Can this year’s iPhone 11 series retain people’s preference on the eve of 5G? I believe that sales will tell us the answer soon.

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