iPhone 12 Concept Phone: Four Cameras Better Than iPhone 11


In this set of concept renderings, the iPhone 12 has adopted a new design look, although the design of the rear camera has been completely changed despite the preservation of Notch.

The front design of the iPhone 12 still retains the design appearance of Notch, which is basically the same as the design of the iPhone 11. However, at present, Apple will not change the design concept of mobile phones in a short period of time. The iPhone series will still adopt the design of Notch, and it is still designed to retain 3D face recognition and unlock.

The Notch part of the iPhone 12 is designed with a front-facing camera with relatively large size. Although this front-facing camera is still in the area of ​​Notch, the appearance is very obvious. At present, many mobile phones are pursuing designs that can hide the front camera. For such an obvious design in the iPhone 12 concept rendering, it is indeed quite different in style. However, whether the iPhone 12 will be equipped with on-screen fingerprint recognition is unknown, because the concept rendering does not explicitly mention this design.

The body of the iPhone 12 still follows the glass body design. The body surface of the iPhone 11 shows in the test results of the sturdiness that the body strength of the iPhone 11 has improved to some extent, but it is still not damaged at all. There is a certain gap. The glass body of the iPhone 12 is said to be more sturdy to a certain extent, but it is not damaged.

If the most attractive design of the iPhone 12 concept rendering should be the appearance of the rear camera, the rear camera of the iPhone 12 uses a four-lens design, and all the rear cameras are integrated. The rear camera of the iPhone 12 uses a design with three large lenses and a small lens. The three large lenses should be the main lens, the wide-angle lens, and the telephoto lens, and the small lens is the 3D TOF lens. After the current rear camera is started with the multi-lens design, the iPhone 12 is also likely to carry out the number of rear cameras. 

iPhone 12 is likely to make a new change, will have built-in Apple A14 processor, and will increase the speed of wired charging and wireless charging, and it is said that iPhone 12 will also be equipped with reverse wireless charging function, which can be used for other Apple devices. Reverse wireless charging.

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Do you like the design and hardware parameter design in the iPhone 12 Concept Rendering? If the iPhone 12 is actually on sale in accordance with the design in the concept rendering, would you support and buy it?

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