iPhone 13 Rendering: 144 high Refresh Screen, 50MP Triple Cameras


Some foreign media produced a set of renderings of the iPhone 13. It is said that this set of renderings was made based on related news and my own imagination. In fact, from this set of renderings, it can be seen that foreign media’s demand for iPhone 13 has changed. Since it is a change, there needs to be a major upgrade on the iPhone 13, so the change in appearance is indispensable, which also involves the issue of notch’s stay. Of course, the issue of Liu Haiping’s leaving and leaving includes multiple solutions, such as whether to hide under the screen or use other alternatives, which are also more concerned by the outside world.

The screen part of the iPhone 13 adopts a full face-screen design. The screen resolution is very high, reaching 4K level, and the screen refresh rate has reached 144 Hz, which can be said to be the strongest screen display in the history of the iPhone.

Faced with the iPhone13 front camera solution, the iPhone13 is not designed to be hidden under the screen, but a retractable lens design. The telescopic lens of the iPhone 13 is longer, and only one camera is used for shooting, but the telescopic lens module contains 3D depth-of-field lenses on both sides, which is 3D face recognition that reaches the level of safe payment.

The telescopic lens of iPhone13 is fast, and the delay of face recognition unlocking is very low, so it will not affect the use of the screen after face recognition is unlocked, and it can basically reach the state that the lens can be unlocked immediately after the lens is stretched.

In terms of color matching, the iPhone 13 also uses a very bold color contrast design. The editor originally thought that the right side of the camera lens module of the iPhone 13 was going to be designed with a secondary screen, but in fact I thought it wrong. In fact, this is just a camera protection. The lens cap is just that.

The iPhone 13 has three rear lenses. This time it is no longer three 12-megapixel lenses. Instead, it is equipped with three 50-megapixel cameras. The wide-angle lens has a range of 130 degrees, and the telephoto lens supports 3x optical zoom. The sensor size of these three cameras has reached 1/1.25 inch, so the photo effect is even better.

The color-contrasting lens cover designed by iPhone13 can be used to close and open the rear camera of iPhone13 by sliding left and right. This design is similar to Sony’s camera design. If iPhone13 is in standby mode, face recognition is not required. Unlock and open the standby interface of the phone, and directly slide the camera lens slide cover left and right to complete the opening and closing process of the iPhone 13 camera. This is a quick operation and can quickly capture moments of daily life. This design is really too practical.

For the body parameters of the iPhone13, in fact, in accordance with the traditional design scheme, equipped with the Apple A15 bionic processor is also sufficient for daily use. It is said that the A15 bionic processor will be manufactured using a 4-nanometer process and support storage specifications of up to 1TB. And the blessing of superconducting graphene technology has increased the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 to 4500 mAh, and the wired fast charge has reached 50W, and the wireless fast charge has also reached 50W, so the performance experience should be said to be stress-free.

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The rendering design of this set of iPhone13 can be said to have undergone huge changes and upgrades, whether it is the appearance design of the front camera and rear lens module, or the internal hardware parameter design, there have been huge changes.

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