iPhone 13 VS 13 Mini Comparison Review: Better Than Imagined


As low-end models, the iPhone13 and iPhone13 mini models are largely covered by the light of the iPhone13Pro and iPhone13ProMax models, so the outside world is discussing whether it is iPhone13Pro or iPhone13ProMax. It’s worth buying, but I don’t really care about the two models of iPhone13 and iPhone13mini. So what are the two models of iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 mini?  As a member of the iPhone13 series models, the iPhone13 and iPhone13mini have actually been greatly upgraded compared with the previous generation models. Here, the iPhone13 and iPhone13mini have been briefly evaluated, and the relevant parameters have also been upgraded. Introduce to everyone, I hope to help the friends who have purchase plans.

The size of the iPhone13 and iPhone13mini has not changed. This is still a boon for lovers of small screens because the small size of the body makes it more portable, and it fits well whether it is held in the hand or in the pocket. However, despite the same body size, the recognition of iPhone13 and iPhone13mini is still improved, mainly because the camera module on the back of the body has changed.

The sensor size density of the iPhone13 and iPhone13mini wide-angle cameras this time has been upgraded to 1.7 microns, which is higher than the previous generation iPhone12 and iPhone12mini’s camera sensor size density of 1.4 microns. Although the camera lens is still 12 Megapixels, and the lens aperture is still F/1.6, But the effect of taking pictures is obviously better.

The camera system of iPhone13 and iPhone13mini has not only changed in terms of layout, but also the sensor size of the main lens has also increased, and the effect of taking pictures has also been improved.

Although it is a low-profile model and does not have a 120 Hz high brush, the size of the notch screen of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini has also been reduced, and the 3D structured light module and the front camera module have all been re-arranged. For the iPhone13ProMax model, the size reduction of Liu Haiping does not have much impact on the visual effect of the screen, but for iPhone13 and iPhone13mini, the reduction of Liu Haiping means an increase in the viewing area, especially For the iPhone13mini, the visual effects will be better.

In addition, the maximum brightness of the iPhone13 and iPhone13mini screens has also been upgraded to 800nit, which is higher than the previous generation of 625nit.

The iPhone13 and iPhone13mini are equipped with a brand new A15 bionic processor this time. The A15 Bionic processor is still manufactured using a 5-nanometer process, and the number of transistors has increased to 15 billion, which is more than the 11.8 billion transistors of the previous generation A14 Bionic processor. many. And whether it is multi-core running points or single-core running points, the A15 Bionic processor is better than the A14 Bionic processor. Although the A15 bionic processor on the iPhone13 and iPhone13mini has only 4 GPU cores, the performance in terms of performance is still not to be underestimated.

iPhone13 and iPhone13mini have a video playback battery life of 19 hours and 17 hours, audio playback time is 75 hours and 55 hours, iPhone12 and iPhone12mini video playback battery life is 17 hours and 15 hours, audio playback battery life is 65 hours and 50 hours. It can be seen that whether it is video playback or audio playback, the battery life of the iPhone13 and iPhone13mini has been greatly improved. This is another great boon for the little friends who hesitated because of concerns about battery life.

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iPhone13 and iPhone13mini have been upgraded in many ways, and they are better than the previous generation models. In fact, the iPhone13 and iPhone13mini are better than expected at present. Because of the multiple pain points of the previous generation products, they have been changed and upgraded on the iPhone13 and iPhone13mini. If you like the small screen iPhone, then don’t miss it. iPhone13 and iPhone13mini.

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