iPhone 14 Concept: Contains 4 models, Punch Hole Display


iPhone 13 series has not been officially released, iPhone 14 has been exposed to relevant information. Judging from the relevant information of the current iPhone14 leaked, the iPhone14 will be a model with a big facelift, which is completely different from the iPhone12 in many design aspects.

Although the iPhone13 series models have not been officially released yet, foreign media have exposed the design and related parameters of the iPhone14. Since the iPhone14 is a major facelift model in terms of appearance and configuration, it is not friendly to the iPhone13. On the one hand, the iPhone13 is a minor upgrade based on the iPhone12, so many consumers are likely to choose to continue to wait for the iPhone14 instead of buying the iPhone13. This article will introduce the breaking news about the iPhone14, hoping to provide help for the friends who plan to buy the iPhone13.

iPhone14 will be released in 2022, including four models, namely iPhone14, iPhone14Pro, iPhone14Max, iPhone14ProMax, canceled the mini version. In terms of screen size specifications, the screen size of iPhone14 and iPhone14Pro is 6.06 inches, and the screen size of iPhone14Max and iPhone14ProMax is 6.68 inches.

The four models of the iPhone 14 series have only two sizes, while the four models of the iPhone12 series have three sizes. It is reported that at the beginning of the iPhone 13 series, Apple had considered the Touch ID solution, but after fully upgrading the Face ID, the Touch ID design solution was canceled. In fact, from the many patents filed by Apple, it can be clearly seen that Apple has multiple Touch ID designs, but these Touch ID designs can only be seen in the iPhone14 series. In the iPhone14 series, Touch ID will be Fingerprint recognition under the screen.

The iPhone14 series will adopt two completely different designs, among which the iPhone14 and iPhone14Max will still retain the Liu Haiping design, and the Face ID design will be in the Liu Haiping. The iPhone14Pro and iPhone14ProMax will adopt the design scheme of screen punching and under-screen Face ID, but the iPhone14 series all support the dual bio-encryption technology of Face ID and Touch ID.

For the iPhone14 series, you can see what model it belongs to only from the appearance. The first is a perforated screen, and the second is the size of the body. The iPhone14 series will still not adopt the high-refresh design of the whole series. Among them, the iPhone14 and iPhone14Max will be equipped with a 60 Hz refresh screen, and the iPhone14Pro and iPhone14ProMax will be equipped with a 120 Hz refresh screen. Obviously, iPhone14 and iPhone14Max are low-end models, while iPhone14Pro and iPhone14ProMax are high-end models.

But it is gratifying that the iPhone14 series will all be equipped with an Apple A16 Bionic processor, this processor is manufactured using a 4nm process, performance and power consumption are very good. As for the battery capacity, there should also be changes. If no surprises, it should be an upgrade to a larger capacity.

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Before the official release of the iPhone13 series, the relevant news of the iPhone14 is obviously not friendly to the iPhone13. If the iPhone 14 is really a major facelift model, then consumers will inevitably abandon the iPhone13 and wait for the release of the iPhone14. Do you choose iPhone 13 or continue to wait for iPhone 14?


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