IPhone 14 Pro Design Details Revealed


In this year’s iPhone 14 series, iPhone 14 Pro model will have an exaggerated rear main camera and a huge sensor.

According to the leaked data, iPhone 14 Pro will have a 48-megapixel camera with an increased number of pixels, and the wide-angle lens will have a smaller individual pixel (sensor still supplied by SONY) of just 1.2 microns, for comparison, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro have a pixel size of 1.9 microns, which means they’re 0.68 microns smaller.

In addition, iPhone 14 Pro’s wide-angle lens sensor measures 1/1.3 inch, an increase of 21.2% over 1/1.65 inch in the 13 Pro.

A larger sensor means a larger lens is needed, which is why iPhone 14 Pro rear camera module is huge. The 1/1.3 inch sensor is the same as Samsung’s 50MP GN1 sensor. The camera sensor on Google’s Pixel 6 is the Samsung GN1.

It’s worth noting that previous exposed CAD renderings of the iPhone 14 Pro Max also showed a narrower black border around the screen, at just 1.95mm. iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 2.42mm black edge width around its screen.

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That means iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 20% reduction in the black edge of its bezel, making the bezel look narrower and more visually striking.


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