iPhone 15 Pro Looks Like a Straight Edge and Feels Better


Starting with iPhone 12 series, Apple has used three generations of the straight screen + straight edge design, with the standard version and the previous mini working just fine.

For Pro users, especially Pro Max is a disaster. The “half” body weight and bezel design make the iPhone feel directly at the bottom, and it is ridiculous to use without a case.

According to recent leaks, Apple will say goodbye to the pure straight edge design of iPhone 15 series, some overseas users have brought the latest concept of the Pro version.

As can be seen from the picture, although the front is still designed at a right Angle, the transition part between the middle frame and the back is processed into a curved surface, which is cleverly combined with the back glass, similar to the iPhone 5C in that year.

Although the change is not big, but such a small detail, will greatly improve the hand feel, let the phone more fit the palm, no more “hand cutting”.

However, just looking at this rendering, it looks like the phone is a little clunky and bulky. Hopefully, Apple will optimize it to be lighter and sleeker when it comes to mass production.

Also it is worth mentioning is the rumored USB-C port and the possible introduction of a latent telephoto lens for the iPhone 15 series, which will also give a big boost to sales.


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