iPhone 15 Real Bezel Exposed: Black Matte with Keyhole


Some time ago, iPhone 15 full CAD and rendering exposure, has made everyone clear in advance of the appearance of the new machine design.

Recently, some overseas netizens showed the frame of the real phone directly on social platforms. It has to be said that Apple’s security work is getting worse and worse.

From the looks of the image, this looks like the bezel of an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus, with its usual matte metal finish and presumably lightweight aluminum.

The opening on the right side of the phone is still there for the new “solid state” button. As for the opening on the lower side, we are not sure yet. It is possible that Apple will introduce structural changes and move the card slot to the right side, or it may just be the millimeter wave antenna opening.

Although the center box has not changed much, in fact, the standard iPhone 15 edition of the two models have a lot of overall changes, one of the biggest changes is naturally the screen, this time Apple will be all the standard smart Island hole.

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The Liu Haiping has been almost completely abandoned by The Times, with only Huawei’s flagship model still standing.

Another big change is the USB-C port on the bottom, and the Lighting port has been completely replaced.


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