iPhone 16 Flip Appeared In a Render With Dual Screens

As we know that Chinese Smartphone manufacturers have released their own folding phones, but Apple has never launched a folding phone. In fact, a lot of news about the iPhone folding phone has been unveiled, especially, Apple will include a folding phone in the iPhone 16 series which may be called iPhone 16 Flip, and today, it has appeared in a rendering.

The design of the iPhone 16 Flip can still find many similar figures from Samsung mobile phones. Especially the 1-inch secondary screen on the back of the fuselage. This design has also appeared on Samsung and Huawei’s folding screen phones. The main function of the 1-inch secondary screen is to quickly browse information and reduce the opening frequency of the inner screen of the folding screen, so as to process information more quickly and efficiently.

The iPhone 16 Flip combines the 1-inch secondary screen and the rear camera, sharing a piece of the glass cover. What is more interesting is that the iPhone 16 Flip has two rear cameras and does not use a rear triple-camera design. In addition to the main camera, the secondary camera of this phone is also more comprehensive, including the dual functions of an ultra-wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera.

Due to the special design of the body of the folding phone, it is easy to be damaged when it bears a collision, especially the flexible screen is more fragile. This time Apple used the super-ceramic crystal material on the iPhone 16 Flip. The body is more impact-resistant and the screen will not break easily. In addition to the upgrade of the screen material of the fuselage, the fuselage frame of this phone is also made of titanium alloy, so both the fuselage and the screen are very strong.

Since the iPhone 16 Flip has a very small body size after folding, it also has a high advantage in terms of portability. In addition, it will be equipped with an A17 bionic processor, as well as 8G of RAM, and support up to 1TB of storage. This time the battery of the iPhone 16 Flip is divided into two parts, and two 2000mAh batteries form a large 4000mAh battery. At the same time, the fast charging will also be upgraded to 35W, so even if it is a folding phone, the experience in fast charging will become better.

In fact, Apple has always been striving for perfection in its products, so the industrial design of folding phones must be the pursuit of perfection, so it makes sense for the delay in releasing it. However, according to the render and information of the iPhone 16 Flip, the combination of a 1-inch smart screen + super ceramic crystal 4th generation can easily reap the hard-earned money of Apple fans.

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