iPhone 5G Concept Phone: 2K Full Screen, A13, 4100mAh Battery


From Apple and Qualcomm reconciliation to the acquisition of Intel 5G baseband business, it can be seen that the iPhone is following its own plan, and is not willing to be restrained by others, this may be the strength of the iPhone.

In addition, from the current 5G infrastructure to the 5G mobile phones of major brands, although this year is the 5G first year, many aspects are not very mature, it is difficult to get a better 5G experience. And the iPhone is the main high-end flagship machine, it is difficult to popularize 5G mobile phones like vivo and OPPO, which is why the iPhone is not in a hurry to release 5G mobile phones. Of course, this does not mean that the iPhone is not in a hurry to release 5G mobile phones. Recently, foreign media has exposed an iPhone5G concept new machine. As can be seen from the exposed renderings and data, the front of the machine will use a nearly 100% full screen, canceling the Liu Haiping design, but using a screen with a very high screen. The screen is 6.5 inches in size and features a Samsung 2K resolution screen for a better viewing experience. This 2K full-screen display is the strength of the iPhone.

Notch, as a brand symbol of the iPhone, allows consumers to remember the iPhone, but it has also been criticized by consumers, especially compared to the major domestic mobile phones, you will find that the iPhone’s Notch is not very good looking. This time, this iPhone5G concept new machine has a big breakthrough, the machine uses a drilling screen similar to the Samsung note10, the front camera is embedded in the middle position, thus achieving the left and right symmetry. According to the data, the camera in front of the camera is a 16-megapixel single-shot, using a variable aperture of F/1.5-F/2.4. Although from the parameter point of view, the pixel is not very high, in terms of technology and algorithm, it’s front 16MP single shot, no worse than the domestic 32 Megapixels.

In addition to the breakthrough in the front design, the new iPhone5G concept machine is also used in the rear camera. With the popularity of the rear camera, even the thousand yuan machine is used for the rear three shots, even It is a rear-mounted 64 million four-shot, and the shooting experience is really much better. This time, the new iPhone5G concept machine will adopt the rear three-shot solution. The three cameras are arranged vertically in the upper left corner position, and then flush with the fuselage makes the machine’s face value even higher. According to the data, the machine’s rear three shots are 26MP + 12 Megapixels + 8 Megapixels, using the aperture combination of F / 1.6 + F / 2.0 + F / 2.4. Support high-definition shooting of 4K video also supports 960-frame slow-motion capture. As for the shooting effect, I believe that the iPhone will not be worse than any brand in terms of algorithm.

In the current mobile phone market, although most brands use the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, but the performance of the processor, the strongest is the Apple processor, which is why the iPhone a few years ago, It is also possible to run large games now, not only because of the iOS system but also about the performance of the processor. This time, the iPhone5G concept new machine is equipped with the Apple A13 processor, equipped with the Intel 5G baseband that Apple acquired from Intel, thus achieving 5G network. You have to believe that Intel’s 5G baseband will certainly not be bad, otherwise, Apple will not spend a lot of time and effort on this.

In addition to the hardware and technology upgrades, the iPhone5G concept new machine has also been upgraded in terms of battery life and details. According to the data, the machine has a built-in 4100mAh large battery, supports 40W flash charging, and also supports wireless charging and wireless reverse charging. This kind of battery life will bring a better experience. Although the iPhone’s battery life has improved in recent years, it is still not very satisfactory. I believe that the 4100mAh ultra-large battery will not be bad. In addition, the machine also canceled the 3.5 mm headphone hole, supporting IP68 level waterproof.

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In general, this iPhone 5G Concept Phone has a big picture of the design, but it is much more beautiful. In terms of hardware and technology, it is still strong, this is the strength of the iPhone. According to the data, since the machine is a 5G mobile phone, its release price will exceed the 1W mark. I don’t know if you think the value is worthless.

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