iPhone 5G Will Not Expensive Than the 2019 Models


The flow of information about the iPhone that Apple will launch next year does not, several rumors reiterate that iPhone is working on 4 new iPhone 5Gs for 2020. However, Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an impeccable reputation at the time of reporting on future Apple products, believes that the 2020 iPhone could have a slight price increase compared to this year’s models, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

According to the analyst of TF International Securities, the main responsible for the increase will be the components that will allow the adoption of 5G connectivity, since its integration could increase the production price between US$30 and US$100, depending on the model.


On the other hand, Kuo mentions that the new design, which will presumably follow the nostalgic lines of the iPhone 4, would also impact the final cost. And is that the new metal frame would be more expensive than the current aluminum and stainless steel. The objective is Apple would offer an even more premium look than current devices, but with the consequent price increase.

Despite the above, those of Cupertino could compensate for the increase by reducing expenses in other areas of the production chain, thus achieving that the amount to be paid by the consumer only increases subtly. Of course, at the moment Kuo has not offered concrete figures on the costs that we would see in 2020.

A month ago, Bloomberg announced that the iPad Pro and the iPhone of 2020 will incorporate a 3D sensor in the back, which will allow the creation of three-dimensional reconstructions of rooms, objects, and people. The capabilities of this sensor would be superior to those of the Face ID of the frontal region. The objective of the component would be to boost Apple’s virtual reality technology, a bet that would begin with the new generation of the tablet.

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