iPhone 7 Real Prototype Design First Leaked


Recently, Iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus are quite popular around the world. We are just so curious about its design. Now there are other media who have got the real prototype design of Iphone 7. So we can see Apple has adjusted its smartphone continuously in January, March. But the overall design has been confirmed.  Whether in January or March, the real prototype has confirmed that iphone 7 has removed its 3.5mm earphone jack.


In addition, iphone 7 has the same width as iPhone 6S with 138.3×67.1mm, but changed in body thickness. For example, the prototype phone in January is 7.15mm thickness, but in March, it uses 7.1mm thickness which keep same as iPhone 6S.  To be simple, iPhone 7 Prototye has confirmed the two rumors before, one is the screen size same as iPhone 6S and raised camera a little.  It has canceled the 3.5mm earphone jack.

iphone-7-might-be-1_副本 iphone-7-might-be-3_副本

Moreover, although iphone 7 camera bumps a little, it still looks not so bumping compared with iPhone 6S but feels more natural. As for earphone jack cancelling, can you accept this kind of design?

1465799315133_副本 1465799315964_副本 1465799315783_副本


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