iPhone 8 plus 64 GB: Specifications and review


The iPhone 8 Plus was launched in 2019 under the shadow of its big brother, the iPhone X. Fast forward to the present, the market is filled with new and expensive iPhones. But people who’re looking for iPhones at affordable prices can always consider old iPhones a feasible option. An Iphone 8 plus 64 gb is just that!

In this article, readers will know whether or not that feeling of buying an Iphone 8 plus 64 gb is right. So, keep reading!


The new iPhones look way more premium than the iPhone 8 plus. But that doesn’t mean the old one is left behind. If individuals are fine with an old design, they can blindly go for this phone. With an all-glass body design and a metal frame, it looks super-premium in the hands. But the all-glass design has its downfalls.

While it can withstand small scratches and accidents, if people smash it by force, it may break. So, keep that in mind. It comes with an ip67 rating. Therefore, users don’t have to be concerned if they expose it to water. However, one should keep in mind that it can only resist splashes, don’t imagine going to swim with an iPhone.

The design and build are great. There’s no question about it! But if someone wants a bit more modern touch, he’ll be disappointed. Moreover, the smartphone fits perfectly in the hands. Nowadays, smartphones with 5.5-inch displays are distinct in terms of their weight, design, and dimensions. It will certainly feel weird if one likes modern design phones.


Speaking of its price, the Iphone 8 plus 64 gb provide value for money. Nonetheless, the accuracy, white balance, and usability of the display can’t be challenged. The IPS display is super sharp, and its color accuracy is mind-boggling. If someone is a big fan of color, he’ll go crazy with it. So people can go with iPhone 8 plus 64 GB if they are looking for an iPhone with the best display.

Whatever light condition the user is in, Apple’s True Tone feature will manage the color temperature. As a result, users won’t need to do it manually. According to some reviews, the True Tone feature is extremely handy in outdoor conditions where the lighting keeps changing. However, there’s one big flaw in that too. The color temperature of the display will shift to warm after activating the True Tone feature. But users won’t have any complaints in terms of its contrast in outdoor lighting conditions.


The Stereo speaker setup in the iphone 8 plus 64 gb is loud and clear. What else can one expect? Clear and loud sound is everything one expects from a speaker. Nevertheless, the audio doesn’t get distorted while cranking up the audio, which is very good.


The iPhone 8 plus can run heavy games and multitask at the same time. It is the leader in terms of performance. These days, people are doing work even from their phones. Therefore, the smartphone should handle high multitasking for quite a while, which it does. This smartphone does not lag or slow down while multitasking.

The hardware and the software are in harmony, as expected from Apple. Apps don’t freeze or crash often in this stunning gadget. Users can rely on this smartphone; it most likely won’t lag in the middle of something important. The A11 Bionic chip does its wonders. It performs at 2.17 GHz, equipped with an impressive 8 MB of L2 cache. It is a big thing.

The previous generation came with a mere 3 MB of L2 cache. The new chip is power efficient and a high performer at the same time. All six cores, in which two are responsible for the performance and four for efficiency, can operate simultaneously. Despite performing at such a peak, it does not heat much or shows alarming temperatures. People can purchase it if they’re searching for a top performer smartphone.


The iPhone 8 plus is doing quite well in the camera department. The image quality is amazing. When images are shot in daylight, users can expect crisp and clear details with accurate colors. The capture speeds are super high, and it focuses in with the blink of an eye. The telephoto lens is also improved in this phone – offering more colors and sharpness. Images taken while the 2x optical zoom is on are promising in proper lighting.

Even in low light, the smartphone doesn’t change or light up the colors. It maintains the natural color, which is a great quirk. However, it isn’t a champion in low-light photography. The new smartphones are offering more for less. But most users won’t face any issues.


Apple does care about its users. It is noticeable when talking about the IOS versions. With the latest IOS version up in the sleeves, Apple surely surprises its users. The synchronization is amazing!


With a smaller battery, faster SoC, and a super power-hungry screen, no one took a side of the iPhone 8 plus. But it surprised the users with its battery life. It can easily survive a busy day with some battery left. The glitch-free response, good battery life makes iPhone 8 plus a terrible enemy for modern phones.

One thing to keep in mind is that fast charging is not an option with this phone. People will have to wait for up to 2 hours to charge this device fully. Wireless charging is more of a fancy solution rather than a dependable alternative. After all, leaving the smartphone overnight for charging is not possible for everyone.


The iPhone 8 plus is not for everyone. If someone is looking for modern designs with new features, they can consider another smartphone. But if one wants an Apple device at a low price, nothing is better than this deal. Moreover, people can buy it at affordable prices, and Apple is known for offering good quality and better service.


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