iPhone Data Recovery Software – a Must-Have Tool for Any User


You can be a very responsive user and keep all your folders in order but sooner or later, there comes a time when you lose some files because of a virus onslaught or system reboot. What should you do in this case? You might get upset because you were working on this document for a few nights. However, there is a super solution to this problem – iPhone data recovery software.

iOS Data Recovery – the Main Benefits of Software

If your goal is to recover accidentally deleted files in Mac OS X, you should opt for recovery software. Its overriding purpose is to restore images, documents, music, video or other files that were deleted. Besides, if you can’t access your SD card or USB drive, free iPhone data recovery will definitely come in useful.

Using these apps, you can reconstruct any data you have on your iOS-based devices, such as:

  • photos,
  • contacts
  • text messages
  • notes
  • Whatsapp etc.

As you see, this is a must-have tool using which you will never be afraid of the accidental deletion.

When Should You Use Recovery Software?

No one is impervious to aleatory data loss. Sometimes, it happens because of your fault, but in fact, the reasons are absolutely different. Jailbreak failure, software update or accidental breakdown – all this can be the main reason for data loss. Besides, some users lose their devices or they can be stolen. In such a scenario, you can also use the functionality of free iPhone recovery software to restore your data.

We all use mobile devices today. iPhone is more than just a device for making calls. This smartphone is a high-quality working tool; when you lose it, you lose more than just a phone. To avoid such unpleasant situations, you can use a free iPhone data recovery tool.

Cleverfiles – the Best Recovery Software for Mac

This app is one of those must-have apps you should have. Thanks to the features offered by the software, you will be sure that your data will never be lost. Check their official website to know more about its free features and tools that you can use.

The key benefits of this app are as follows:

  • No matter what the format is, you can recover any file with the help of this tool.
  • The app supports many devices.
  • It is easy to use (no additional skills are needed). Just install the app and use it like any other software product.

Besides, there are some additional features you should be aware of. Except for top-quality recovery features, the app also offers disk tools that will come in useful either for home users or professionals. They are as follows:

  • Mac Cleanup (the app which allows you to clean the storage in a few seconds)
  • Duplicate finder (this app removes duplicates on your computer)
  • Disk Health (if there are any disk issues, the app will let you know about them)
  • Data protection.

All these tools are absolutely free (you shouldn’t pay an additional fee for them).

Are you interested in data recovery for iPhone? Visit cleverfiles.com and you’ll find out more about its free features and major benefits!



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