iPhone IQ: Have You Ever Seen Such A Sleek Profiled Screen?


Although many mobile phones are now playing on a full screen, most of the models are very square in shape, and they hardly see the contending situation in the past. The use of curved body design and the iPhone first generation was just released, when the fuselage uses a plastic material, and also uses a curved body design. And now the iPhone X is no longer the surface of the fuselage design. Recently, foreign designers brought up an iPhone IQ concept design.

First of all, although its shape is very sleek, it still uses a full-screen design, which is a pleasant surprise for many people. it can be seen that this iPhone IQ uses a full-screen design, and the percentage of the screen viewed from the rendering is at least 100%. However, the appearance of this iPhone IQ is very interesting. It is designed with a round top and bottom corners, and the upper and lower borders are rounded.

From the concept rendering, it can be seen that iPhone IQ’s front camera and face recognition module are hidden behind the screen. This design is not currently impossible to complete, but the iPhone IQ’s overall shape design To be created, the estimate is relatively overhanging, and individuals think it is unlikely.

As you can see in this concept, it can be seen that the iPhone IQ is not only the surface design adopted by the fuselage but also the curved screen design adopted by the screen body. So when this iPhone IQ is placed on the desktop, you can clearly see the desktop reflects the relevant information on the iPhone IQ glass screen on the desktop.

According to concept rendering, it can be seen that both the front and the back of the iPhone IQ use a curved surface design with a total of 8 sides curved surfaces. At the same time, this iPhone IQ designed the speaker on the top and bottom parts of the mobile phone, in addition to noise reduction microphones.

From the concept rendering, it can be seen that the iPhone IQ uses asymmetrical top design style at the bottom of the phone. It also designed a speaker and designed a microphone next to the speaker.

From the concept rendering, it can be seen that the maximum thickness of the iPhone IQ is 12.5mm, and the arc formed on both sides of the fuselage eventually forms an angle of 6.48°. It looks like a UFO ship from the side.

If this iPhone IQ is actually on the market, will you support and purchase it? At the same time, if this iPhone IQ is released for sale, what do you think is more appropriate? I personally think that the iPhone IQ’s shape design is not likely to be available on the market. Curved screens, profiled screens, metal fuselage, and full screen, these elements add up to give the iPhone IQ a conceptual design full of charm.

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