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iPhones are state of the art devices. With premium hardware such as retina display and glass body, they make it a costly device. iPhones are not cheap, but their purchase price has always been only half the story. Cost of ownership and, mainly, the cost of repair have long been contentious.

Apple charges $279 and $329 to repair the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max while repairing the cheaper LCD screen in the iPhone XR costs the same as the OLED in the Galaxy S10.

It is possible to argue that customers can pay for AppleCare+ insurance but plans cost up to $249. And even with that, “other damage” carries a $99 excess.

As per the information provided on the support page, the screen repair cost of the iPhone 11 pro is $329 out of warranty, which is the same as the iPhone XS Max.Apple has also kept the out of warranty repair cost of the iPhone 11 Pro same as the iPhone XS which is $279.

With such costs in mind, it is imperative to find an alternate source of iPhone repair, which is both affordable and high quality. 

At Platinum phone services, our focus is to provide top-notch service to premium phone owners such as iPhone when it comes to posting sales experience. Keeping that in mind, we have developed the expertise to offer a variety of services related to iPhone repair. The range of service provided includes fixes of :

  • Phone screens
  • Battery
  • Charging port 
  • Button, camera
  • Speaker/mic
  • Water damage

Detailed inspection:

The repair process starts with a comprehensive check-up of the damaged phone to ascertain the exact point of damage. Extra care is taken to make sure the device is safe during opening and closing to not extend the loss further.This is also done to make sure that the customer is made aware of the exact reason for the damage and pays only for the cost of damage which is required without being bothered by any unnecessary charges.

Selecting the correct replacement part:

To make the device as of right as new, high-quality part which is compatible with the first device must be fitted into the machine. At Platinum phone services, we only source spare parts which meet this criterion and hence give the device a new life. 

Not only this, each repair comes with a 3-month warranty

Cost of repair:

Once the correct defect and required replacement is identified, the customer is informed of the repair work that would be needed and the price. These costs are also available publicly on our webpage and are 30-40% less than what is a quote by other stores. If you approach us via google search or google ads, you would be eligible for an additional discount.

Customer service time and ease of repair:

It is our endeavour to provide prompt service to our customers and hence we have set up a service level time of 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of repair work. Our workshop is easily accessible via google maps and has a safe and ample street parking available. Our work timings are from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm on weekdays. We are also open on weekends to facilitate our customers from 9.30 am until 5 pm.

Well trained staff:

Our technical team consists of engineers and technicians who have extensive past experience of phone repairs and its technology. So you can rest assured that your prized possession is in safe hands. We focus on this aspect of service also because we believe in word of mouth for our marketing, and we want our customers to consider us for any future business that they may be having. 

Upgrading your iPhone

At Platinum iphone repairs and sales, we also have a range of top of the line iPhones as well as previous generation iPhones which are still very much effective.

While the latest iPhones give you bragging rights with your friends and families, the previous generation or pre-used phones are for the more budget-friendly crowd. 

Whether it is the first option or the second, we have an option for both. 

The wide range of inventory is available on our web page where you can choose the device configuration, colour and the generation.

We are also open to buying the previous generation phones and giving cash or a discount on your next upgrade

So take a look and make the best use of the service!


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