iPhone SE 2 Concept Shows a Border-Less Screen Design With In-Screen Fingerprint


Launched for the first time in 2016, iPhone SE has not been renewed by Apple so far. However, according to some previous reports, an iPhone SE 2 version is being cherished by “Apple” and may soon be released in the near future.

Based on these rumors, the Youtube channel recently published an interesting and attractive iPhone SE 2 design, which shows many of the most feasible rumors regarding this phone. Notably, the designer also showed this phone with many different color versions.

Specifically, ConceptioniPhone envisions the iPhone SE 2 will have a “front-facing screen” design and an overflow screen like iPhone XS. In this way, iPhone SE 2 may have an overall body size similar to the original iPhone SE, but the screen space is larger.

Of course, because there is no Notch and 3D face recognition, so iPhone SE 2 wants to carry out an in-screen fingerprint recognition to unlock. Fortunately, the screen of the iPhone SE 2 is AMOLED, so it is not difficult to increase the fingerprint recognition of the screen. It is said that the iPhone XI will be equipped with an ultrasonic screen fingerprint and will return to the fingerprint recognition unlock sequence.

On the back, It is still a single-lens, but this time its size is much larger than the traditional model. The increase in the lens size of the phone means that the light taken in is more entered, and the iPhone SE 2 will have a better performance in taking pictures. Although the iPhone SE 2 is a single camera featured phone, the camera level, and ability are also very good due to the efficient optimization of the camera.

The iPhone SE 2 also supports two-way wireless charging technology that supports reverse charging while supporting wireless charging. iPhone SE 2 can wirelessly charge Apple wireless headsets, as well as other Apple devices. Two-way wireless charging is about to become one of the standard features of the new iPhone series, so even the iPhone SE 2 will carry this feature.

So, do you like the design and hardware parameter design in the iPhone SE 2 concept rendering? If the iPhone SE 2 is actually on sale in accordance with the design in the concept rendering, would you support and buy it?

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