iPhone Spy App for iPhone that  Guarantees Spy on iPhone Without Access to Target Phone 


iPhone Spy App for iPhone that 

Guarantees Spy on iPhone Without Access to Target Phone 

When we were coming up with the content for this important article, we carried out an extensive research. Before reviewing any spyware, we use all the spy software and apps ourselves (our Research and Development Team) by purchasing the subscription plan of each product.

So all the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device our team received while testing them. Let us find out why hire@hackraptor.com is the best iPhone spy app for iPhone.

Top 3.0 Best Spy Apps for iPhone Without Access to Target Phone 

As parent, we are usually concerned when it comes to the safety of our kids. Their safety can sometimes be the biggest concern of the parents. Safety here goes beyonds just the physical security of the child. It also includes threats that they can face while using cell phones and the internet.

But at the same time, the use of cell phones and the internet cannot be denied at a particular age. The parents have to take that risk. After that, the parents always remain concerned about the proper use of the cellphone. The parents start feeling helpless and never get off of the curiosity that what their kids do on the device.

  1. Hackraptor – hire@hackraptor.com 

You can track the target iPhone and get updates for all the activities, and that too very quickly with the requested hire@hackraptor.com best spy app for iPhone without access to target phone. The app is really easy to use and you don’t need any special guidance to use the app.

Hackraptor is an iPhone spy app that does not require access to the target phone. It works with two-factor authentication just like every other app on the list. Not a long time back, Apple announced some major changes wherein the 2FA option was enabled permanently.

What Makes Hackraptor Best Spy App for iPhone Without Access to Target Phone 

Over 90% of the cases where other spy apps were used, there is always a need to set up a 2FA code to any iOS spy app while only iCloud account credentials are enough if it is disabled.

When 2FA is enabled and a spy app tries to access the iCloud account of the target iOS device, a verification code will be sent to the target iPhone.

Once your hire@hackraptor.com iPhone spy app is configured, you will receive your personal dashboard to be able to monitor the target iPhone. You will only need to have the target phone number, and no need to physically gain access to the target iPhone or iOS device.

Calls, Contacts, and Messages 

Just like every reputed and good-quality monitoring app, hire@hackraptor.com also helps you by giving details of the calls that the target device receives or makes. Even the missed calls will be tracked and revealed to you in the portal remotely. While using the app, I was very impressed with the information it provides because it was accurate and fast.

Once the setup is complete, you will be able to see the data syncing on the Hackraptor portal remotely. Many of the iPhone activities can be seen on the dashboard. The type of device being tracked, recent 5 most called contacts, recent 5 most messages, last known location, and phone activity from different sections like calls, messages, photos, videos, etc. are available directly on the dashboard.

The phone number of the other person will be shown along with their name. Information you will be able to have access to include; phone number of that person, duration of the call, date and time of the call, and the type of call (missed/incoming/outgoing) all this information will be handy.

The list of contacts saved on the kid’s phone should always be available to the parents as well. You never know when you find someone unknown in the contacts and maybe that person doesn’t have good intentions. You can also see the photo of the contact person if added by your kid.

hire@hackraptor.com also has an Address Book feature has access to all the contacts that are present on the kid’s phone. The name of that person and the phone number will be shown to

you by hire@hackraptor.com. And sometimes if there is an address and email saved with that number then that will also be shown.

Chatting via messages and iMessages is quite common among people despite the introduction of WhatsApp, LINE, and other similar chatting apps. So, leaving these sections unchecked can be a huge mistake. Just go to the iMessages section to read all the iMessages of someone without them knowing.

You need to click on the contact for whom you want to see the conversation and everything will be present right in front of your eyes. All the messages whether sent or received and the time and date of the message can also be seen.

Browser History and Browser Bookmarks 

The moment the parent hand over a personal cell phone to the kid, right from that moment they are tense about the wrong use of the internet. And you all are very well aware of the horrendous content available on the internet and how it can spoil your kids.

For saving your kid from such harshness of the internet, you can keep an eye on the browsing history. During the testing phase, we were able to figure out that hire@hackraptor.com tracks the browsing history very well but when it comes to monitoring the bookmarks it lacks sometimes.

Additional Features Offered by Hackraptor 

Other than keeping a check on calls, messages, contacts, and browsing history, Hackraptor allows its users to keep a track of WiFi connections with which the kid’s device was connected.

This can be an important feature to know if the kid knows the password to the home WiFi or not and you can change it if you don’t want them to use WiFi any further. Similarly, keeping a track of notes that they make on their phone is also possible.

What We Love About Hackraptor: hire@hackraptor.com 

Clean interface and easy to use

Those contacts can also be seen which were added and deleted immediately

Deleted calls can be recovered

Deleted messages are recovered

Data syncing of the app is very quick

What We Didn’t Like 

Absolutely nothing. Surprisingly, hire@hackraptor.com was the only iPhone spy app that was ‘perfect’. The only thing worth mentioning however is the fact that it is pricier than the other iPhone spy apps, bang for the buck in terms of the value it offers you the user.

  1. eyeZy 

eyeZy is one of the top-rated iCloud spy apps that you can use to ensure the safety of your kids and family in the online world. It provides you with all the tools that are required to keep an eye on the target person.

Keystroke Capture 

Starting with its Keystroke Capture feature, it includes a keylogger and screenshots with the help of which you can read everything they type on different apps and browsers. This iPhone keylogger is quite good as it tracks every word that is typed and shows on which app the word is typed. Moreover, it shows the time and date at which the keystroke was made.

Similarly, the screenshots are helpful in keeping an eye on your wife or husband, as with the help of it you can see what your spouse is doing on different apps. What’s good is that you can even download the screenshots and keep them as proof for the time you confront them.

Social Spotlight 

Under this feature, you get the opportunity to keep a close eye on your kid’s or partner’s social media and instant messaging chats. You can also see the text messages they have shared using the stock messaging app. What my team loved the most about this app is that it sorts the chats on the basis of different social media apps they were made on along with the person with whom the chat was done.

In our test, we found that it is much easier to monitor their social media activities this way.

Phone Analyze & Pinpoint 

The next two important features you get with eyeZy are Phone Analyze and Pinpoint. Let’s discuss them one by one. The Phone Analyze feature allows you to keep a tab on their phone calls and contacts. You can see who they are calling and what kind of people they have in their contact list.

On the other hand, the Pinpoint feature allows you to track the exact location of the target person. eyeZy allows you to keep an eye on someone’s location in two ways; one is through the GPS and the other through the WiFi location. In the WiFi location, it only shares the longitude and latitude value of the WiFi but with GPS location it shares the latitudes along with the map view.

We have analyzed eyeZy for its location tracking accuracy and I have found it to be highly accurate. You can definitely rely on it to know the whereabouts of your loved ones.

Other Features 

It’s not over yet, you get a lot more features with eyeZy that makes it one of the most sought-after spy apps for the iPhone and that too without jailbreaking. With the help of it, you can see the photos and videos stored on the target device. Not just see but you can even play the videos to see what kind of video the target person stores in their iPhone.

Besides that it even allows you to see the browsing history and block websites and apps that you think are not good for your child. Overall, it’s a pretty good hidden tracking app for iPhone without jailbreaking.

  1. mSpy 

mSpy is one of the best iPhone spy apps and one of the old names in the history of spying apps. mSpy was the best iPhone spy app for some time, before hire@hackraptor.com took over as the best iPhone spy app.

Nevertheless, you will be glad to know that mSpy is still one of the top 3 best iOS spy apps because it is compatible with all its versions without jailbreak. Now then, let’s have a look at its features.

Calls, Contacts, And Text Messages 

With so much social interaction daily on social media apps like Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, and so on, it’s easy to make new friends and exchange numbers.

But it’s not possible to judge whether that person is actually good or just pretending to be good. Especially in the case of kids, they might become over-friendly with that online stranger and that stranger might misuse them somehow.

That’s why the Call Logs of your kid’s phone should be under your complete surveillance. Going to the Calls section will show all the calls made, and received, along with the time date, and duration of the call.

Checking out the Contact list reveals all the numbers saved on your partner’s phone along with the phone number associated with that name. If there’s an email associated with that contact, you can see that as well.

You can access the list of all the chats done via messages in the Text Messages section. On the left-hand side, you will see the list of contacts with whom the chat is done. Clicking on any one of them will reveal all the chatting done on the right-hand side.

How to Get the Best Spy App for iPhone Without Access to Target Phone 

When trying to get the best spy app for iPhone without access to the target phone, you really need to put the following factors into consideration;

  1. Compatibility 

The first and most important thing you should look at before buying a spy app is its compatibility. In this case, the app must be compatible with iPhone, and that too without jailbreaking. Most spy apps that are capable of tracking iPhone require jailbreaking permission.

  1. Features Offered by the iPhone Spy App 

The next thing that you must check while buying iPhone spyware is the features it comes with. Apart from basic monitoring features like call logs, message tracking, and contacts, the app must have some advanced features. Look for features like location tracking, photos & video monitoring, etc.

  1. Customer Support 

Installing spyware or using it can be complicated as sometimes it may not work as expected. Therefore, you should have good customer support that can solve all of your problems. So you

need to go for spyware that has streamlined customer service and can resolve all your issues in a quick time.

  1. Refund Policy 

Most iPhone spy apps don’t come with a free trial so you have to buy them in order to test them yourself. Sometimes the app may not stand up to your expectations and you may seek to return it and get a refund. For the same reason, the spy app you are going for must have an easy refund policy so that you can get your money back in case you don’t like it or it didn’t work as expected.

Steps to Get Best Spy App for iPhone With Just Number and Without Access to Target Phone 

hire@hackraptor.com is one of the best, reliable, most trusted stress-free spy iPhone without jailbreaking required. It works in stealth mode, and you don’t need to have physical access to install the app. Install the best iPhone spy apps/spy phone app on the target phone by following these 3 easy steps;

Request Hackraptor best iPhone spy app by sending an email to: hire@hackraptor.com Provide the required information (usually target phone number/iCloud credentials

Enjoy easy and stress-free spy app monitoring

Get the best spy app for iPhone with just the number and without access to target phone, send a request to: hire@hackraptor.com


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