iPhone X and iPhone XS Max Speed Test: The Result Will Disappoint You?


In this year, Apple spent a long time on the A12 processor and after its release. Is the performance really as stated at the press conference? Recently, foreign media has taken a speed test on iPhone X and XS Max. Let’s take a look at the results.

The 1st is the boot, you can see the iPhone XS Max on the left and the iPhone X on the right are upgraded to the iOS 12 operating system, but the speed is still showing a gap in the boot. It’s clear that the iPhone X not only starts up faster, but it’s about 5 seconds faster.

In the 2nd round, the browser page was loaded. This time, the iPhone XS Max showed the level of the game. The loading speed was quite fast, and the picture on the webpage was quickly displayed. At this time, the iPhone X was only in a white screen state.

The 3rd round of the game “Super Mario”, the lead is still iPhone XS Max, but this time the startup speed is the same, just a little faster than the iPhone X in the loading aspect, the first to enter the game.

In the 4th round, the car game was load, and the iPhone X was still struggling to catch up. In the end, although the iPhone XS Max entered the game faster, the gap was not as big as the previous rounds.

The 5th round of the test “Asphalt 8”, this time the iPhone X did not fall behind again, directly into the game screen with absolute advantage, you can see how the backward iPhone XS Max cannot catch up this time, because from the start to loading is done behind.

The game test in the 6th round is still the iPhone XS Max leader. Although the iPhone X is still behind, it is lost with a very small gap. If you don’t use the slow lens, you can hardly see the gap.

In the 7th round, both Smartphones were synchronized when running the software. It can be seen that the iPhone XS Max did not show the advantages, and eventually became a tie in this game.

The 8th round of iPhone X and iPhone XS Max continues to end in a draw, and the speed from start to load is the same.

In the 9th round, we load the youtube app. we can see that the iPhone XS Max lost to the iPhone X. The result is really amazing.

The 10th round of load Twitter, the result is still the same as above, the leading iPhone X, and the backward iPhone XS Max more loaded the Logo interface step, iPhone X is directly into the software interface.

Conclusion: You can see that although the iPhone XS Max won, it won’t be easy to win. And also lost to the iPhone X in the last 2 rounds of software, is the iPhone XS Max really not legendary?

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