iPhone X Battery Life Comparison Vs iPhone 8 and 8 Plus


On 13 September 2017 At 1 am, Apple officially released iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. Apple fans seemly prepared for getting a new iPhone. however, when considering buying a new phone, we tend to think about the lifetime and safety of the battery. therefore what are the variations in battery life between iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 plus and which one precisely we should choose?

The Apple iPhone X comes with a brand new 2,716 mAh battery that takes a weird L-shape and it’s clear that Apple has made the most of the available space to cram in a big battery cell. It’s not as large as on Android phones, but it is bigger than the battery of the iPhone 8 Plus.

So what’s the actual battery life on the iPhone X?

We have spent a couple of days with the $1,000 phone and we have run our battery test to induce the numbers. But first, here is, however, the iPhone X battery size compares to different iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones’ batteries.

In the PA statistical mobile phones (and does not include all models), BlackBerry KEYone best performance of the endurance, reaching 12 hours 26 scores. Followed by Samsung S8 Active, comprehensive life reached 10 hours and 57 minutes. Charging time, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X lag behind Android rivals, these phone battery capacity were 1821mAh, 2675mAh, 2716mAh, although it also supports the fast charge, the standard is still 5V / 1A Antique charger.

From the test point of view, iPhone X charging time longest, fully filled takes 189 minutes. The iPhone 8,8 Plus, respectively, to 148 minutes, 178 minutes. PA test models, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 charging speed (3400mAh battery, supports 9V / 2A fast charge), fully filled in only 88 minutes, which is about one and half hour, too fast. If you’re satisfied with a wireless charging, and a longer-lasting battery, you’ll be absolutely happy with the iPhone 8 plus. If any of the iPhone X seriously appeal to you, though, you may wish to consider springing for it.

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