iPhone X VS iPhone 8 Specs Review


iPhone 8 and the iPhone X While the new iPhones comes with a stylus, Apple did upgrade them in just about every other way.Apple launched its refreshed iPhone 8 and 10th Anniversary edition iPhone X few days ago. It is impossible to cleanly compare the specs on an iPhone versus other Android devices thanks to underlying differences between the phone operating systems and the hardware choices of their manufacturers. So how well does the iPhone 8 and iPhone X stack against these heavy hitters to other top smart phones.

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The iPhone X and iPhone 8 will also have 10nm chips inside, and iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith discovered various details about the A11 processor in the iOS 11 GM. He says the new A11 chip features six cores, including two high-power Monsoon cores and four low-power Mistral cores. All cores are independently addressable.

The iPhone X and is iP67 certified. It also features a glass back, and ends up with a different take on the front. In addition to the button free display, the iPhone X has a neat cutout at the top for Face ID. This blends in seamlessly with its frame. More importantly, it also creates an all new design template for Apple to work with. Other all the devices feature edge to edge displays, except the Xperia XZ Premium. Samsung Galaxy S8+ and LGV30 have near identical fronts, save the former being a bit wider. The Note 8 has the sharpest corners for the trio while the XZ Premium continues with the lineup抯 rectangular approach. The XZ, S8+ and Note 8 feature Corning glass 5 backs, and all three devices are IP68 certified.

Here’s how the specs on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X compare with those of some of the top Android smartphones on the market


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