iPhone XR 2 Concept Exposure: No Notch, Full Magnetic Power


On the latest iPhone XS and XR phones, you can also see some elements designed specifically for Chinese users. Including the support for dual-card dual standby iPhone XS, and more in line with the consumer psychology of the country, with a higher cost-effective iPhoneXR. Recently, foreign media has come up with a conceptual design diagram of the new generation of iPhone XR 2.

One of the most easily discovered features of the new iPhone XR 2 is the cancellation of Notch. The notch of iPhoneX once led the development trend of the comprehensive screen of Android phones. However, the iPhone XR 2 phone completely removed the notch. The phone does not have a front camera and no sensing components such as Face ID. The overall iPhone XR 2 mobile phone overall body transition is very smooth, and even no lightning interface. Without a charging interface, how does the phone supply power? Is it all wireless charging? This is not the case.

the iPhone XR 2 phone will be powered by the Apple A13 processor, and the rear camera will still maintain a 12-megapixel single lens. However, according to foreign media, iPhone XR 2 is an unconventional sequel for Apple, but a brand new concept design phone. Therefore, in order to distinguish it from the official version of the iPhone, the logo on the back of the phone has also been adjusted.

The iPhone XR 2 phone has nine magnetic components installed inside the body. By rotating the components, it will provide a constant supply of power to the iPhone XR 2. It can almost be considered that this phone will “never be extinguished.” Of course, from the scientific point of view, perpetual motion is impossible to achieve. iPhoneXR still needs to be powered by wireless charging. Just using the full magnetic power components will greatly enhance the battery life.

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The iPhone XR 2 does have a lot of bright spots. However, such phones black technology is too advanced and does not say the possibility of commercialization, the price of this configuration alone, it is estimated that it will refresh the Apple iPhone price record.

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