iPhone XR Disassembly Report Released: Almost No Significant Difference From XS


The iPhone XR has been officially released as the cheapest model this year. It differs from the iPhone XS series in that it has a 6-color body, LCD screen, and a single camera. So, what is the difference in the internal design of the iPhone XR? Let’s take a look at the disassembly of iFixit.

First remove the screen, similar to the way to disassemble other iPhones, you need to use a special screwdriver, the screen opener, etc., pay attention to the cable on the motherboard, and then first look at the components integrated into the back of the fuselage.

There are a lot of screws on the iPhone XR motherboard, and there is a modular SIM card reader, which is convenient to replace if it fails. This is the front of the iPhone XR motherboard components, including an A12 bionic processor, Apple / USI 339S00580 connection module (WiFi, Bluetooth), NXP 100VB27 NFC controller, audio amplifier, USB power IC.

More chips are integrated on the back, such as the Toshiba 64GB flash memory, the orange Broadcom 4G module, more power management, and IC modules. The iPhone XR’s screen does not support 3D Touch, but the vibration module Taptic Engine is retained, and the screen will have vibration feedback during certain operations.

This is the rear camera of the iPhone XR. The front camera and the original deep camera are also integrated on the motherboard. The iPhone XR doesn’t have an L-shaped battery with XS, but a whole piece that is relatively easy to disassemble. The battery capacity is 11.16 Wh (2942mAh), and the endurance is similar to the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, which lasts for 13 hours.

This is the 6.1-inch LCD screen of the iPhone XR. It is also the biggest difficulty that the machine has encountered in mass production. Apple hopes to reduce its touch chip to achieve a thinner body and a narrow chin, achieving the same design language as the iPhone XS series OLED screen. Although the XR screen frame is slightly wider, it is only about 1 mm wider than the XS series.

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NFC chips, compared to last year’s iPhone X, added more copper metal, lower resistance, and can achieve faster wireless charging speed and less heat. In the end, iFixit scored 6 points for the iPhone XR (10 points, the higher the score, the easier it is to repair), consistent with the XS series. The main hard-to-maintain part of the iPhone XR is that the front and back glass panels are easily broken and require an overall replacement.

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