iPhone XR VS Google Pixel 3 Drop Test Comparison: Which One More Durable


JerryRigEverything, a well-known YouTube crash channel, recently brought us a drop test of the Apple iPhone XR, using Google Pixel 3 as a comparison. Violent tests such as knife scraping, fire roasting, and bending, which the channel used to do, may not be common in everyday life. But the fact that the hand slips and smashes the screen is obviously more realistic. Of course, what you will fall into is exactly your luck.

The first is the knee height drop test, the iPhone XR is intact, and the Pixel 3 has not received any damage except for the border travel wear.

Followed by the waist height , this fall behind the iPhone XR’s frame left some traces, but the front and rear glass panels are still intact; and Pixel 3 has a small range of cracks in the corner of the back glass.

Then the height of the chest, near the height of the head, both machines showed very strong toughness, the iPhone XR front and back glass was unscathed, and the Pixel 3 did not suffer any more damage than the last crack.

In order to find out the winner, JerryRigEverything conducted another chest height drop test. Pixel 3’s back glass first appeared a large crack, split from the bottom, about 5cm long.

Then JerryRigEverything tested the head height drop again. No damage occurred for the first time. In the second test, the lens glass of the Pixel 3 rear camera disappeared completely (positive front), the front glass of the iPhone XR Then there is a crack (the back is intact).

Then it is the super high (over 2m) drop test that goes beyond the head. At such a terrible height, the iPhone XR back glass is cracked extensively, and the front display panel (internal screen) function is also damaged, and nearly half of the screen display is not normal, The Pixel 3’s performance is amazing, its front is intact, the operation is also very normal, and a small crack is added to the back, but it is much better than the iPhone XR.

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In general, the iPhone XR basically has no need to worry about the normal height drop. The front and back glasses are also quite strong, however, the Pixel 3 has a stronger toughness. After many drop tests, the front screen can still be protected. 

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