iPhone XS leads! Apple Will Launch Various New Product On September 13 Along With New iPhone


There is no doubt about the iPhone, but there are also new AW or iPad Pro, Air Pods, Air Power and more. Every September seems to be “Apple Month”, because almost every September, Apple will hold a publicity conference. Now Apple officially has issued an invitation to confirm that the conference will be held at 1 am on September 13th, Beijing time, and it will be held at Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park.

To be honest, as long as the invitation letter from the Apple conference comes out, the crazy speculation can’t stop. Whether it is an analyst, an expert, or a common thing, I believe that I will have my own guess about the upcoming release of the new product. Some speculations may be based on previous reports, rumors, and leaked information, while others are completely wishful thinking. Anyway, now let’s take a simple look at what new products Apple will release in the early morning of September 13.

New Generation iPhone

Undoubtedly, this is almost certain. At least in the past 6 years, Apple’s law of releasing a new iPhone in September has never changed. Not only has there been a lot of leaks in the parts supply chain, but Apple’s official announcement last time. The performance expectations also show that the new generation of iPhone will debut in September this quarter.


According to past rumors, Apple expects to launch 3 new iPhones this year, 2 of which use OLED screens and the other is an LCD screen. The 3 new iPhones are the 5.8-inch 2nd-generation iPhone X, the large-screen iPhone with a 6.5-inch OLED screen, and the 3rd newest iPhones with a 6.1-inch LCD screen.

Interestingly, on the day of Apple’s invitation, some official marketing information was suddenly leaked. The foreign media 9to5Mac shared the leaked information for the first time, claiming that the new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones will be called iPhone XS, and it’s very sure about this, and both models have a new gold that Apple has never used, which is in line with the previous ones.

As for the more specific actual naming, if the leaked news is not false, then the 3 new iPhones that Apple will release iPhone XS (5.8-inch version), iPhone XS Plus (6.5-inch version) and iPhone 2018 (6.1-inch version). The 6.5-inch “iPhone XS Plus” model name may not even have “Plus”, regardless of the size of the OLED model is called iPhone XS, which is “iPhone 10s”, and the LCD model is simply the iPhone.

Judging from various leak charts, it is expected that the design of all 3 models of this new iPhone will be almost the same as that of the present iPhone X, that is, the almost “edge to edge” ultra-narrow bezel full screen design, then the front and back double Glass plus stainless steel / metal middle frame, and the top of the screen has a “Notch” groove, built-in original deep sensor, Provide FaceID function, and completely cancel the Home button.

In terms of screen resolution, previous rumors have shown that the screen resolution of the 6.5-inch model is 2688×1242 pixels, the 5.8-inch model remains the same as the iPhone X 2436×1125 pixels, and the other 6.1-inch LCD screen is 1792×828. Pixel. Among them, the 6.5-inch model is large enough due to the resolution, and it is rumored that the model will support the use of the iPad’s landscape mode.

In terms of battery capacity, according to the rumored 6.5-inch model, the iPhone will come with a 3300mAh-3400mAh battery, a 5.8-inch model will have a 2700mAh-2800mAh, and a 6.1-inch model will be equipped a 2600mAh-2700mAh. However, it is reported that the all three new iPhones will come standard with 18WUSBPD charger (A1720) and USB-C to Lightning cable, which will support fast charging technology natively. There are also rumors that the Qi wireless charging power of the new iPhone will be further improved, breaking the 7.5W to increase the charging speed.

At the same time, the all 3 iPhones will be equipped with a new generation of A12 chips. Thanks to TSMC’s 7nm process and micro-architecture improvement, the performance is stronger and the power consumption is lower. Although there is also news that the LCD model has been reduced to the A11 chip, there are few rumors about the relevant evidence. In addition, rumors that both the 6.5-inch model and the 5.8-inch model will come standard with 4GB of RAM and a storage capacity up to 512GB. The 6.1-inch model will have 3GB RAM and 256GB onboard storage.

Many rumors generally believe that the price of a new generation of OLED iPhones in 2018 will not be higher than iPhone X. The 5.8-inch 2nd-generation iPhone X priced is between $800 and $900, and the 6.5-inch “iPhone XPlus” starts at $999, which is the same as iPhone X. The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model is expected to sell for between $600 and $700.

The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is relatively cheap, mainly because it reduces the specifications of many OLED models. For example, there is only a single camera, the middle frame is changed from stainless steel to aluminum alloy, and the modem limits 2X2 MIMO. In recent days, the news that Apple’s 2 new OLED iPhones will be on sale in September 2018, and the much-anticipated 6.1-inch LCD iPhone may be listed “slightly later”, at least the delivery time will be later, mainly It is “due to the production plan.”

The good news for the Chinese is that the new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone and 6.5-inch OLED iPhone are said to offer a single SIM card version and a dual SIM card version. Both dual-card and dual-standby versions of the iPhone will be available to the Chinese market. The specific market is listed, while the 5.8-inch iPhone has the dual SIM function, but it can also be implemented by programmable e-SIM technology. Whether Apple activates this function is unknown. What is worrying is that according to Qualcomm, this generation of iPhone will not use Qualcomm modems, but from Intel or other possibilities, so many situations are still unknown.

Guo Minghao, a well-known leaker, has previously said that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is available in a variety of colors, including red, blue, orange, gray and white, and none of the 3 new iPhones will support ApplePencil in 2018. As for the iPhone SE2 that everyone has been expecting before, he believes that Apple will not allocate resources to focus on this model until the iPhone is stable in 2018, so the update possibility is very small.

A New Generation of Apple Watch

This is also a product that will almost be released in the early hours of the 13th and will be named Apple Watch Series 4. Not long ago, the recent submission of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) revealed the disappearance of Apple Watch Series 4. As a result, 6 new Apple Watch identifiers were found in the Eurasian Economic Database and were marked as being released with watchOS5. However, in addition to knowing that Apple is preparing multiple models, many details cannot be ascertained.

According to past rumors, the screen of the latest Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to be even larger, or 15% larger, mainly by reducing the size of the frame. Apple will not change the design of this wearable device in general. In fact, on the day of Apple’s invitation to send out, the foreign media 9to5Mac also captured the spy photos of Apple’s official leaks for the first time. It can be seen that the new design is almost consistent with the rumors and becomes visually thinner.

There are also some rumors that the battery life of the new Apple Watch will be improved, and the health monitoring function will be enhanced. The internal performance hardware will be upgraded to the AppleS4 processor, and it may be a dual-core design. It is almost certain that Apple will update a series of new Apple Watch straps at this conference. Every time before, it will release updates. I believe this time is no exception.

In addition, although there is news that Apple is also developing an Apple Watch that uses solid-state buttons completely if the above picture is not fake, then at least this solid-state button solution will not appear this year.

New iPad Pro

New products that debut in the early hours of September 13 may also include a new generation of iPad Pro. According to rumors, the new iPad Pro will continue to maintain 2 sizes, but the size of both will be reduced. Specifically, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be reduced from 250.6×174.1×6.1mm to 247.5×178.7x6mm. The 12.9-inch model was reduced from 305.7×220.6×6.9mm to 280x215x6.4mm.

If the new iPad Pro screen size remains the same, then Apple can only reduce the size by reducing the screen border. Therefore, a lot of information shows that the new iPad Pro may have many similar design elements with the iPhone X, and then bring the FaceID function. Some analysts believe that the new iPad Pro is a comprehensive screen design with “bangs”, but more think that the iPadPro top space is large enough, much more than the iPhone, and the screen frame is also reduced enough to fit into the original deep camera system, no special Custom-made screen with grooves.

According to the information digging in the iOS12 beta system in the last 2 months, no matter how the new generation iPad Pro has bangs, it is expected that the HOME screen button will be removed, the border will be narrower, and the rounded corner design will be used. Whether or not the headphone jack is still retained cannot be confirmed. The update of the iOS12 software redesigned the iPad interface and brought undisclosed face ID entry and the same gestures as the iPhone X.

In addition, some leak diagrams show that the iPad Pro’s SmartConnector will be redesigned and the location changed. It may be on the bottom of the shorter side of the iPad Pro, and close to the Lightning interface, and the shape is changed to a round pill shape. The specific reason is unknown. After all, the vertical screen using the keyboard accessories experience is far less than the horizontal screen. Some analysts believe that this may be compromised for FaceID, but the FaceID lying on the iPhone X can also be unlocked, so the rumor of this location modification is really the fake has yet to be confirmed.

As for the internal hardware, the new iPad Pro may also maintain 4GB of RAM and be equipped with a faster “AXX” processor, which may be a variant of the new A12 chip. Finally, the selling price, if the storage capacity plan remains the same, is expected to maintain the current generation of pricing strategies. Of course, iPad Pro may not be unveiled at the September conference. After all, Apple may be more focused on the iPhone and Apple Watch, and it will be normal to announce the iPad in October.

Regarding the iPad, I believe that many new products, including the iPad mini, have not been updated since the 4th generation. However, there have been recent rumors that the hope of launching a new generation of iPad mini at the new product launch in September has been very embarrassing, and even the rumored iPad mini Pro will be not released. The reason for this is largely because the iPhone is getting bigger and bigger, especially this year, it plans to launch a 6.5-inch OLED model. Apple wants users to buy a large-size iPhone or a cheaper iPad for 6th generations.

New Macbook

At the Apple iPhone conference in September, there were few signs that there would be a new MacBook on the market, and this has rarely happened in the past few years.

This year, there have been rumors that Apple will launch a cheap MacBookAir, mainly in the education market, and there were reports last month that Quanta, one of Apple’s Mac computer OEMs, was due to Apple’s new low-cost laptop order. Shipments in the 4th quarter will continue to increase significantly. So various analysts believe that the increase in shipments means that there will be a cheap MacBookAir debut at the September conference.

However, earlier rumors that this MacBook Air may have been cut off by Apple, completely replaced by the 13.3-inch MacBook, the display screen is supplied by LG, the resolution is 2560 × 1600 pixels, and the price is between $799 and $899. More affordable than before, but it could be $999.

Considering that Intel released WhiskeyLake and AmberLake for the MacBookAir and MacBook on the IFA for a total of six 8th-generation Core processors, TDP15W and 5W, the possibility of these 2 products is greatly increased. But the problem is that this is almost the iPhone’s special release conference, whether it is MacBookAir or MacBook, it may have to wait until October to open another press conference, including Bloomberg, mentioned Mac mini desktop not long ago.

AirPods, HomePod, and Other Hardware

Apple has long confirmed that AirPods with wireless charging will be launched in 2018, so it is expected that on the 13th conference, Apple will release the second generation of AirPods that support “Siri” to better handle ambient sound. And the new AirPods wireless charging box. According to previous rumors, the new AirPods wireless charging box can not only be charged by AirPower, but Apple is also more open, allowing it to support a series of Qi standard wireless charging devices to charge it.

However, it is unclear whether the new Qi wireless charging box will become the standard for the second generation AirPods wireless headset, but at least it will be sold as an optional accessory. Apple Marketing Director Phil Schiller has said that the AirPods wireless charging box will be an optional accessory, so old users of AirPods can purchase it separately, but pricing is yet to be known.

At the same time, AirPower wireless charging pads should also be officially launched. After all, Apple has been testing it since September in 2017. Recently, there have been many reports that the product is expected to be distributed in September because Apple has solved it. The problem of heating for a variety of Apple devices while charging. The product will be priced at $149 for charging the iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and the new iPhone, Apple Watch and the new wireless charging case that is loaded into AirPods.

There have been many rumors that Apple should launch a cheap HomePod by the end of 2018, because the current HomePod, which sells for $349, has a flat sales volume, with less than 5 million units sold since its launch in January. The new cheap HomePod, which may only support Siri and branded Beats, may range in price from $149 to $199. However, cheap HomePod should not come out so fast, except for Apple, which is more suitable for listing in the holiday shopping season.

iOS12, Watch OS5, MacOS Mojave, and tv OS5 Official Version

These four operating systems are all on the WWDC2018 in June this year, and Apple is clearly providing an official version this fall. Therefore, the press conference on the morning of September 13 is undoubtedly the perfect time to determine the official release time. If nothing else, Apple will probably preview a new operating system, or disclose some features that are not yet available on the WWDC, and then provide specific release times.

Maybe there will be more surprises

In any case, Apple’s new iPhone launch conference in September has been the most anticipated conference, so in addition to the above-mentioned products that may be unveiled, we do not rule out that Apple will bring more surprises. In short, this Apple conference will also provide official live broadcasts, and there will also be 3rd-party media cooperation live broadcast, everyone can keep an eye on at 1 am Beijing time on September 13th.

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