iPhone11 Concept Phone: Camera Design Under The Screen, Apple A13 Processor


Recently, a foreign media released a new concept rendering of the iPhone 11. In this set of concept renderings, the iPhone11’s rear camera is horizontally arranged and the notch has also been cut off, with the current Samsung Galaxy S10 has a very similar place.

The iPhone 11 uses a full-screen design, but the original Notch area with very high recognition has been cut off. The iPhone 11’s screen uses a complete full-screen design. Without Notch, the screen area of ​​the iPhone 11 is even higher. iPhone11 is said to still use glass material in the body, in addition to wireless charging technology, it will also be equipped with reverse wireless charging technology, iPhone11 can charge other wireless devices of Apple if it is out, iPhone 11 The reverse wireless charging technology will be very useful.

Although the iPhone 11 cut Notch, it does not mean that the front camera will be canceled. The iPhone 11 adopts a brand-new technology, which hides the front camera at the bottom of the screen. At present, the Xiaomi mobile phone has already demonstrated the camera technology of the under-screen camera. From the appearance, the front camera cannot be seen, but In the process of use, there is no difference between the front camera and the traditional front camera. In addition to the front camera, the iPhone 11’s 3D face recognition unlocking module is also hidden at the bottom of the screen.

The rear camera of the iPhone 11 adopts a horizontal arrangement. This horizontal arrangement is very similar to the design of the rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series mobile phone. At present, the number of rear cameras of the iPhone 11 should be more than three. At the same time, the flash and camera are designed under the same lens panel. In fact, personally think that this rear-facing camera is arranged in a horizontal design, which is much better than the Yuba design. Apple’s mobile phone originally had powerful optimization capabilities in the camera algorithm, and the iPhone11’s rear multi-lens design is likely to make the iPhone 11’s performance improvement in photography more obvious.

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The iPhone 11 is said to be equipped with the Apple A13 processor, a processor built on a 5-nanometer process that has a significant performance boost and a very good performance in terms of power consumption. Do you like the design and hardware parameter design in this set of concept renderings for iPhone11? If the iPhone 11 is actually on sale in accordance with the design and hardware parameters in the concept rendering, would you support and buy it?

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