iPhone 14 Pro Max Renders: 10GB+2TB, Perforated Screen


Apple mobile phones are still the ceiling of mobile phone industrial design, so every time Apple releases a new phone, many design drawings will be leaked. Looking at the design of the iPhone 13 series, major changes have already begun, such as the reduction of the size of notch and so on. However, the design of the iPhone 13 series in other aspects is still quite satisfactory and not a breakthrough. So how the future iPhone 14 series will be designed, this time there is also a rendering design that has been leaked. The design of the iPhone 14 Pro Max can be said to have completely subverted the design concept of the iPhone. First of all, the notch on the screen is gone. Secondly, the camera module is also transferred from the left side of the fuselage to the right side of the fuselage. It can be seen from the design that the change of iPhone14ProMax is very huge. Without notch, iPhone14ProMax still retains the face recognition unlocking module, but these modules directly use the screen punching method to achieve the original function, including the handset is also the screen punching.

The screen part of iPhone14ProMax continues to use COF packaging technology, the frame of the screen is only 1.05 mm, and the refresh rate of the screen has also been upgraded to 144 Hz while supporting free switching between 1 Hz and 144 Hz. In addition to the facial recognition and unlocking, module being retained, the iPhone14ProMax’s under-screen fingerprint recognition and unlocking module have also been added, so that the iPhone14ProMax can realize the dual bio-encryption technology of face recognition and under-screen fingerprint recognition and unlock.

This time, the camera module of iPhone14ProMax has also achieved a major change. The main reason is that the camera module has been transferred from the left side of the fuselage to the right side of the fuselage, and the number of cameras in the camera module has also changed from the original three to one small. With four large lenses and one small lens, the number of camera lenses for iPhone14ProMax has reached 5. From the current point of view, the upgrade of the number of camera lenses of the iPhone14ProMax also shows that Apple has made a lot of effort in mobile phone photography and wants to have a larger upgrade again.

Although the number of camera lenses of iPhone14ProMax has been upgraded to 5, the effective parameters of the lens have not been upgraded, and it is still 12 million pixels. The camera lens of iPhone14ProMax includes a wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, macro lens, portrait lens, telephoto lens, etc. Although these 5 lenses are still 12 million pixels, the optimized iOS will still make iPhone14ProMax have a better photo effect. A very big improvement.

The configuration of iPhone14ProMax will be upgraded again this time. For example, it is equipped with A16, a 3-nanometer process processor, with a storage of 2TB and an upgrade to 8GB. And through the memory fusion technology, the iPhone14ProMax’s storage effect can reach 8GB+2GB. The effect is 10GB. At the same time, the battery capacity of iPhone14ProMax will be further increased, reaching 5000 mAh and the wired fast charge will also be upgraded to 50W, and the wireless fast charge is also 50W.

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It should be said that the design of the iPhone14 Pro Max has changed a lot, especially the appearance of the camera module and the cancellation of the notch of the screen. In fact, the new design of the iPhone 14 Pro Max can still be accepted by consumers, because the new appearance means the upgrade of new technology. If the price is right, iPhone14ProMax will still be a popular mobile phone that consumers like.

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