iPhone 9 Plus Concept Phone: Rear Four Cameras, Cut off and Switched to Four Holes


Foreign media released a set of concept renderings about the iPhone 9Plus. In this set of concept renderings, the appearance design of the iPhone9 Plus is completely subversive.

Design iPhone9 Plus

The front design of the iPhone9Plus is very subversive. First of all, this phone does not adopt the traditional bangs screen or the design appearance that retains the upper border but uses the screen punch design. The front camera and face recognition module of the iPhone9Plus are designed in the upper left and right corners of the screen because they are not installed, and the screen is double-punched. With the dual-hole screen design, it is likely that the front camera and face recognition module share these four cameras, which means that the iPhone 9Plus will still retain the design of the face recognition module.

At present, the main functions of the four front punch cameras on the iPhone9 Plus screen are still unknown, and the left and right sides are symmetrically designed. Unlock. However, I think the most reliable design should be the functional combination of the front four-punch lenses, which can be used freely.

The design of the iPhone 9 Plus’s phone should be said to have its own characteristics. The first is to abandon the original lens module and use the current square lens module. At the same time, the number of rear cameras has been increased, from 2 to 4 now, but the layout of the rear camera has occurred. Complete change.

Features iPhone9 Plus

The rear camera of the iPhone 9Plus uses a square lens module. At the same time, the number of internal cameras has become 4 now. But the rear camera of the iPhone9Plus is not arranged according to the traditional four lenses of the same size. Instead, it uses three large-size lenses and a small-size lens layout. With regard to the increase in the number of lenses. It is clear that the ability of the mobile phone to take pictures will also increase accordingly. After all, an additional camera will also enrich the function of taking pictures of mobile phones.


iPhone 9Plus will also change in terms of performance. For example, the processor will be directly upgraded to Apple’s A14 processor. At the same time, the memory capacity will also increase significantly. In addition, the reverse wireless charging technology that everyone is very concerned about will also be equipped and charged. Both speed and wireless charging speed will increase. Many mobile phone manufacturers are now competing for the charging speed of mobile phones. The charging speed is getting faster and faster. And the time it takes to complete charging is getting shorter and shorter. IPhone9Plus is likely to be equipped with 50W charging technology, charging and battery life will be greatly improved.

What do you think of the appearance design and hardware parameter design of the iPhone 9Plus in the concept rendering? If the iPhone9Plus goes on sale according to the design in the concept rendering, will you support and buy it for the first time?

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