IQOO 10 Series Detailed Parameters will Release Today


Tonight, the latest edition of the Snapdragon 8+ flagship iQOO 10 series will launch. This time, there will be both standard and premium versions, namely iQOO 10 and iQOO 10 Pro.

In the run-up to the launch, detailed specs for the iQOO 10 series were also leaked.

iQOO 10 features a 6.78-inch AMOLED display with a 2400 x 1080 resolution, a 2275mAh dual-cell battery, and a snapdragon 8+ storage plan of up to 12GB+512GB.

In terms of image, iQOO 10 has a rear three-shot camera of 50 megapixels +13 megapixels +12 megapixels, with dimensions of 164.55*77.1*8.37.

iQOO 10 Pro also has a 6.78-inch AMOLED display, but it has been announced that it has a curved design with a resolution of 3,200×1440. It is also an E5 LTPO display with excellent smoothness and smoothness.

The battery is also 2275mAh dual cell (about 4550mAh) and comes with up to 16GB+512GB of super-large storage combination, which is also the highest range in a conventional flagship.

In terms of image, iQOO 10 Pro still has three rear cameras, respectively 50 megapixels +50 megapixels + 14.6 megapixels. The body is 164.91*75.5*9.49.

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It is worth noting that iQOO 10 Pro also has a highlight, is the first 200W fast charging technology, which is currently the strongest mass production of mobile phone fast charging scheme on the surface, can be infinite close to ten minutes full of the machine.


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