iQOO 11 Pro Review: The All-round Gaming Phone


the new generation of iQOO 11 series mobile phones was officially released, including two new products, iQOO 11 and iQOO 11 Pro. iQOO 11 review and photo appreciation articles. In this article, IT House will bring the hands-on experience of iQOO 11 Pro.

Like the previous generation of products, although the two products of the iQOO 11 series are only named “Pro”, they have obviously different emphases in product positioning:

The standard version of iQOO 11 is a direct-screen flagship, with configurations such as under-screen dual-control pressure sensitivity, which makes this product more focused on the gaming experience. On the other hand, iQOO 11 Pro has a deeper understanding of the “all-around experience” and carries Blue Factory’s spirit of exploration of pioneering technology. Therefore, on this product, we have seen such things as 200W super flash charging, ultrasonic 3D wide-area fingerprint, ” Zero-latency” suspension motion capture, and other configurations.

So what is the experience of iQOO 11 Pro? Next, IGeekPhone will quickly get started with this product and take you to learn more about this product.


iQOO 11 Pro offers three color schemes: Track, Legend, and Isle of Man Special Edition. The Legend and Isle of Man Special Editions are made of glass fiber silicone leather, while the track version is made of rock crystal AG glass.

This evaluation is for the track version, which is different from the traditional AG glass. The rock crystal AG glass brought by the track version has a rougher frosting. The diffuse reflection effect produced by the light sweeping is very textured, just like It’s like black rock crystal.

Different from the plain leather + glass splicing design of the previous generation, this time the iQOO 11 series did not continue this design but returned to the iQOO 8 era, and the camera module also returned to the iconic cloud-level design of the iQOO family, but the model The group area is larger, occupying almost one-third of the fuselage area. There are still three cameras inside the module, arranged in an L shape, and the V2 logo is on the upper right, which proves that this phone is also equipped with Vivo’s self-developed chip V2.

In terms of body size, the measurements of the iQOO 11 Pro track version are 164.76*75.30*8.89mm, and the weight is 213g, which is the weight that a performance flagship should have.

The grip feel is close to that of the flagship X90 ultra-large cup of the blue manufacturer, but the former is more “flat”. The metal middle frame of iQOO 11 Pro is finely frosted, the power button and volume button are located on the right, and the bottom and top middle frames are flat.

There are openings for infrared and speakers on the top, and the bottom includes speakers, charging ports, microphones, SIM card slots, etc. Back to the front, iQOO 11 Pro uses the same E6 screen as iQOO 11, but the former uses a curved screen design, which is also the biggest difference from iQOO 11 design.

In terms of screen parameters, it includes 1440*3200 resolution, supports 144Hz refresh rate, LTPO 4.0, partition refresh, 1440Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, self-developed XDR display engine, etc. Compared with the previous generation E5, the screen brightness of the E6 is higher, with a peak brightness of 1800nit, a manual maximum brightness of 600nit, and a global maximum brightness (HBM) of 1100nit. In addition, this screen is also equipped with iQOO self-developed screen color accuracy algorithm, JNCD≈0.26, DeltaE≈0.30, both the default mode and professional mode can guarantee good color performance.

The screen upgrade of iQOO 11 Pro is quite obvious, especially the increase in brightness, which can be said to be the top level among products in the same range.

In terms of accessories, it is still the familiar protective case, card removal pin, charging head, and data cable, as well as the iQOO & BMW M co-branded card. The 200W fast charging head adopts the C port design, and the data cable is also a 1.5m 10A extended charging cable. It has to be said that Blue Factory popularizes the C-port of fast chargers really fast, which is worth learning from friends.

This time, iQOO 11 Pro also continues the well-received ultrasonic 3D wide-area fingerprint. Compared with traditional photoelectric fingerprints, the former has a larger recognition area and faster speed. Unlocking under strong light will not be disturbed by light, which is safe. With higher reliability, only one fit is required to complete fingerprint entry, and it can also be unlocked with wet hands.

The fingerprint recognition position of iQOO 11 Pro is higher, and the thumb pressing position is more reasonable. In addition, there is no light when unlocking at night, and the larger unlocking area brings a higher possibility of blind unlocking. Unlocking basically does not require subconscious “glance” positioning, and it can be unlocked basically by picking it up.

Another advantage brought by the larger unlocking area is that it supports the quick launch of apps. You can choose two different apps and place them in the fingerprint unlocking area, and click the corresponding button to quickly enter the corresponding shortcut while successfully verifying your fingerprint. Features.


iQOO 11 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and self-developed chip V2, equipped with LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 storage, built-in 4700mAh battery, supports 200W ultra-fast flash charging, 50W wireless flash charging (10W reverse).

The iQOO 10 Pro industry debuted a 200W super flash charge. This time, the iQOO 11 Pro continues the above configuration. The official said that the 4700mAh battery can be fully charged in 10 minutes at the fastest.

When connected to a 200W charger, iQOO 11 Pro will provide two charging modes with different speeds, “ultra-fast mode” and “fast mode”, and the default is “fast mode”.

In the test, we turned on the “ultra-fast mode” of the mobile phone. It takes about 11 minutes to fully charge from 1% of the battery with the screen off. At this time, the power display is 0, which means it is fully charged.

In the iQOO 11 Pro charging test, the speed is almost visible to the naked eye, and it even takes seconds to record. With the help of Power-Z, during the charging process, iQOO 11 Pro can reach an amazing peak power of 180W in the first minute of charging, and then maintain it between 130-90W. When the power reaches more than 50%, it still maintains The power is about 80W until the UI displays 100%, and the power is still about 60W at this time.

However, only ten seconds after the UI shows 100%, the battery is fully charged. At this time, Power-Z shows that the charging power is basically close to 0W.

It is worth mentioning that this time, the weight of the 200W GaN mini charger that comes standard with iQOO 11 Pro is also very impressive, weighing only 149g. On the charging cable, iQOO has also been extended to 1.5m, the charging cable has reached 10A, and the over-current capability is stronger. In addition, this 200W GaN mini charger also supports 65W PD and PPS, which can charge digital devices such as laptops and game consoles that support the protocol.

The charging time has been shortened to 10 minutes, which means that you can use any piece of time in your life to charge to get enough power for the next day or even a whole day. It is undeniable that on iQOO 11 Pro, charging has become an “insensitive” thing. After testing the charging, we then tested the basic performance of iQOO 11 Pro.

Note: The Most performance mode is turned on for all benchmark tests

It is still the familiar old three running points:

As shown in the figure above, the total score of iQOO 11 Pro AnTuTu reached 1295407 points, nearly 1.3 million points, which is also higher than the running score of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 engineering machine tested by IT House (1289346).

In terms of storage test, Androbench ran a reading score of 3439MB/s, and the writing score reached 2999MB/s, which belongs to the normal performance of UFS4.0, far exceeding the 1800MB/s (reading) of UFS3.1 grades. GeekBench 5 running points, single-core 1483 points, and multi-core reached 5153 points, the specific ranking is as follows:

For some SoC GeekBench 5 running points, multiple running points take the highest value, the results are for reference only

Let’s take a look at 3D Mark, which focuses on GPU scores.

In the Wild Life project, iQOO 11 Pro scored 13156 points, with an average frame rate of 78.80; after 20 consecutive rounds of 3D Mark Wild Life, the stability of iQOO 11 Pro reached 75.7%. In general, the running score of iQOO 11 Pro is still at the current ceiling level of Android. Of course, this is also expected. After all, iQOO 11 has already shown its skills to us before.

Next, let’s enter the game chapter and test the game performance of iQOO 11 Pro together.

The highest quality is “Yuan Shen” for an actual measurement. It’s still the same old rules: turn on the performance mode, the highest image quality and heavy load “Yuanshin”, full-high image quality, turn off motion blur, choose the scene of running in the wild + fighting monsters, and the battle scene takes up about half of the time.

The test results show that the average frame rate of iQOO 11 Pro is 59.6fps, and the frame stabilization index is only 0.7 (the smaller the better). In terms of body temperature, after 30 minutes of “Yuan Shen”, the highest temperature of the phone’s front and back is only 40.7°C.

In terms of power consumption, iQOO 11 Pro is only 5.42W, and its overall performance is similar to that of the previous generation Snapdragon 8+.

In general, the performance of iQOO 11 Pro is basically the same as that of iQOO 11, and the temperature performance is also relatively close. The Snapdragon 8 Gen2 is equipped with also has a lot of surprises in terms of power consumption. It is very suitable for high-intensity smartphones. Game chips.

It is worth mentioning that this time the iQOO 11 series supports the native frame rate of 144 frames in many games, which can be said to make full use of the advantages of this E6 high refresh screen. Among them, as the official KPL game machine in 2022, the iQOO 11 series also launched the Call of Duty mobile game 144 frames high frame rate mode,

“Call of Duty Mobile Game” turns on the standard picture quality, selects the highest frame rate of 144 frames, selects the nuclear bomb town as the map, and selects the mode as a team competition. The average frame rate of iQOO 11 Pro after one game is 140.7fps.

In fact, when the frame rate reaches above 90, it is difficult to observe the fluctuation of the frame rate at this time, not to mention that the frame rate of iQOO 11 Pro basically fluctuates between 130-144 during the game.

Next, The difficulty of testing. The map selects the loading and unloading yard, and the mode is 10v10 team competition. Compared with the nuclear bomb town above, the loading and unloading yard map area is smaller, but there are more players, more crowded, the pace is very fast, and there are many explosion scenes, which can be regarded as a very harsh test environment.

In this mode, the frame rate of iQOO 11 Pro is 129.2fps. During the game, the whole process is still smooth, without any stuttering or frame-dropping phenomenon seen by the naked eye. However, it may be too much performance. After 3 minutes of the game, the frame rate dropped from 144 to about 120. Although it is still a little worse than the full frame of 144fps, the score of 120 is already quite good, and it is rarely achieved by current mobile phones.

In addition to the “Call of Duty Mobile Games” above, there are also games such as Relics of God of War, Peak Tank, Ace Fighter, Go Kart, New World of Gods and Demons, and Mobile City Alpha that support 144 native high brush.

Of course, for games that do not yet support the native 144 high refresh rate, the iQOO 11 series uses the self-developed chip V2 to bring a game effect of triple frame insertion. After all, this 144Hz high-refresh screen cannot be wasted. The iQOO 11 series uses the “curve overtaking” method to achieve an alternative 144Hz high-refresh gaming experience.

The self-developed chip V2 cooperates with the GPU of Snapdragon 8 Gen2 to bring two modes of “increased frame rate” and “optimized power consumption”. Taking “Yuan Shen” as an example, the maximum frame rate is 60 frames. After turning on “increased frame rate”, the GPU will render 48 frames, then interpolate 3 times through V2, and finally achieve the effect of 144 frames;

The same is true for “Peace Elite”. As shown in the figure below, in the 10-minute game demo, the first five minutes is a game with a default of 90 frames, and after the next five minutes, the “Increase frame rate” function can be enabled. At this time, the GPU only needs to render 48 frames. Then interpolate the frame 3 times to achieve the effect of 144 frames.

Compared with the basic version of iQOO 11, iQOO 11 Pro does not support dual-control pressure sensitivity under the screen, but it also brings a “body gesture control” function. Users can map buttons through different gestures to achieve multi-dimensional control. manipulation.

For example, in the game “Peace Elite”, the author has set “horizontal forward pressure” to reload, “right hand up” to jump, and “left hand up” to shoot. During the game, through the corresponding somatosensory, you can trigger the corresponding operation.

In addition, iQOO 11 Pro also supports custom touch effects. In the “Control Settings”, you can “fine-tune” the click sensitivity, sliding, chirality, and micro-control accuracy to choose the most suitable control feel for you.

Functions such as “game visual enhancement” and “game sound effects”, as well as the hardware-level light pursuit of the “Tianyu” mobile game, are also supported by iQOO 11 Pro.

iQOO 11 Pro also supports the “cloud game” function. In the game box, you can find the cloud game entrance. Currently, it is compatible with “NBA2KOL2”, “Fortnite”, “Dungeon and Warrior”, “The King of Fighters 14”, and “The Ancient Sword” and Nearly 100 games including Qi Tan III.


In terms of imaging, iQOO 11 Pro has a front-facing 16-megapixel camera and a rear-mounted 50-megapixel main camera + 50-megapixel 150° fisheye ultra-wide-angle macro lens + 13-megapixel portrait lens.

  • Main camera: 50 Megapixels, Sony IMX866, f / 1.75 aperture, 1/1.56” sensor size, 1.0μm unit pixel size, OIS optical image stabilization;
  • Fisheye ultra-wide-angle lens: 50 Megapixels, Samsung JN1, f / 2.27 aperture, 1/2.76” sensor size, 0.64μm unit pixel size;
  • Portrait lens: 13MP, Samsung 3L6, f/2.46 aperture, 1/3” sensor size, 1.12μm unit pixel size, 50mm.

Main camera proofs:

These three lenses can also be regarded as old friends of Blue Factory. What is more conscientious is that, as a mobile phone that is biased towards performance, iQOO 11 Pro does not make up for the image, especially the same IMX866 equipped with Blue Factory X90. The main camera is also equipped with optical image stabilization and a self-developed image chip V2.

Judging from the daytime proofs, iQOO 11 Pro’s photos straight out by default have accurate exposure, and the HDR strategy is very active, which is also the consistent tone of Blue Factory’s flagship. In some high-light ratio environments, the light and dark details are handled very well, but occasionally there will be excessive force, and the brightness is too high, which is not so natural.

As a 2X telephoto lens, Samsung 3L6 has also appeared in many blue factory mobile phones. In the case of good light, the performance of this lens is far better than that of the main digital crop. Of course, this advantage is only It is limited to the case of good light, after all, the foundation is not big.

Super wide-angle proofs:

Although the Samsung JN1 ultra-wide-angle is not very beautiful in terms of parameters, nor can it be called an outsole sensor, it is still very suitable for use as an ultra-wide-angle, especially the rich gameplay brought by the fisheye lens, such as an asteroid, Wonderland and many other special fish-eye effect modes, which further enrich the user’s shooting fun.

Ultra Wide Angle Dreamland Proof

On the other hand, the main camera of iQOO 11 Pro can still quickly and accurately take satisfactory pictures in scenes such as night, sports, and high light ratio. The hand-holding time of night scene mode proofs can be kept very short, most of them are kept at about 2 seconds, and the longer safety shutter achieves a higher filming rate.

Super wide-angle proofs

In the night scene, iQOO 11 Pro’s main camera and ultra-wide-angle highlight suppression capabilities are quite good. For example, in the word “Fangte” in the picture below, the highlighted part is tightly suppressed, and there is no highlight overflow. The whole night scene style pays more attention to the sense of atmosphere. Although it is not the night vision style, the overall effect is very transparent and pure.

Another interesting experience in the video part of iQOO 11 Pro is the newly added night scene dynamic panning. In the shooting interface, select the “sports” shooting mode. At this time, iQOO 11 Pro will bring a very powerful motion capture ability. Although motion capture is not exclusive to iQOO mobile phones, the advantage of iQOO is that it can also bring quite good “panning mirror” captures in night scenes.

For example, when capturing a speeding car in the night environment, the lens will capture fast-moving objects at this time, and the real motion track effect can be realized by clicking the shutter.

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Although it is a performance phone that “updates three generations a year”, the upgrade of iQOO 11 Pro is still full of sincerity, and the all-around evolution is more obvious, without the slightest squeeze of toothpaste.

As the Pro version in the series, iQOO 11 Pro is obviously more in line with the positioning of the all-around flagship. In addition to ensuring a good e-sports experience, it also pursues pioneering and innovative experiences, such as 200W fast charging, ultrasonic screen fingerprints, independent display chips, and other core Configuration is also an advantage that many competitors currently do not have.

To put it simply, if you are after a flagship phone with an all-around experience, a performance phone with a balanced configuration, then iQOO 11 Pro is more suitable for you; Experience, then iQOO 11 is obviously more suitable for you.

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