iQOO 11 Smartphone Preheats with the world’s First 2K 144Hz E6 Full Screen


iQOO 11 series new product launch conference will be held at 14:30 on December 2. iQOO 11 series will debut with iQOO Neo7 SE.

iQOO officially announced the iQOO 11 series of the latest warm-up information this morning, to confirm that the new machine will use a new generation of “performance triangle”, at the same time the whole system will also be equipped with the world’s first 2K 144Hz E6 full screen, in addition to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 released before, The new machine also has UFS 4.0+LPDDR5X.

From the poster, iQOO 11 full support class DC dimming – 1440Hz high frequency PWM dimming. In addition, the machine adopts Samsung E6 material full sense screen, local peak brightness exceeds 1800nit, also supports XDR Engine high dynamic range display, using self-developed screen color quasi algorithm, JNCD≈0.26, power consumption reduced by 13%.

It’s also worth mentioning that the vivo/iQOO will have a 1080p E5 flexible straight screen, which will be used in the next two new mid-range phones, while the subsequent mid-range phones should have a choice between a 1.5K domestic screen and a 1080p E6 Samsung screen.

It will also feature the LTPO partitioned high-brush technology, which enables two refresh rates, 60Hz and 120Hz, on a single screen (though the top 2K 144Hz mode doesn’t seem to work).

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According to the official poster, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 uses TSMC’s 4nm technology to deliver a 35% performance boost compared to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Compared with iQOO 10, UFS 4.0 improves sequential read speed by 100% and energy consumption ratio by 46%. LPDDR5X speeds up 33% to 8533Mbps.


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