NITECORE NU43 Review – World’s Lightest Rechargeable Headlamp


The Nitecore brand today officially introduced the new NITECORE NU43 universal LED flashlight, which is positioned as the lightest, brightest, and most functional headlamp powered by a built-in 18650 battery. Among other things, the novelty provides three LEDs, including red, nine operating modes, the ability to connect an additional source of energy, as well as a combined locking system against accidental activation and overheating.


The NITECORE NU43 (79.8 x 46.1 x 43.9mm, 116g, IP68) offers a lightweight and low-profile aluminum/plastic design that is mostly limited by the 3400mAh 18650 battery. The lantern is equipped with a wide, adjustable, and 72-degree swivel suspension system, which includes perforations for better ventilation, reflective elements, and anti-slip silicone coating on the inside. Flashlight NITECORE NU43 is controlled by two buttons located at the top. Buttons provide mechanical and electronic blocking from casual inclusion. In addition, there is a sensor that switches the flashlight to the minimum brightness mode when the flashlight comes close to any obstacle. Thus, overheating of the device is excluded, for example, when accidentally turned on in a backpack.


The basic package of the NITECORE NU43 includes an LED flashlight with a built-in battery and an adjustable harness, a cable for charging the battery via a secure USB-C port, as well as a user manual, and a warranty card. In the near future, it will be possible to purchase an additional separate battery, with a suspension mount, and other accessories to expand the basic functionality. The future cost of the basic kit has not yet been specified by the manufacturer. As mentioned above, the NU43 can operate in nine modes, including SOS (1400lm), Beacon (1400lm), and Red Light (Constant-On 10lm/66h, Slow Flashing 10lm/90h). The main brightness modes are divided into Turbo (1400lm, 130m), High (600lm, 10h, 77m), Mid (300lm, 15h, 53m), Low (100lm, 29h, 30m), and Ultralow (8lm, 165 h, 8 m).


Name Nitecore NU43
Light flow 1400lm
Flow rate 3800 cd
Beam range 130 m
Energy source 18650 (3.6V, 3400mAh)
Housing material Aluminum alloy, Plastic
lens material mineral glass
Protection class IP68
Case dimensions 79.8 x 46.1 x 43.9 mm
The weight 116 g


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The NITECORE NU43 has a light built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery with a high capacity capable of achieving the combination of long runtime, lightweight and outstanding capacity. NITECORE NU43 is made of plastic but is perfectly crafted to meet all your lighting needs. USB rechargeable and waterproof, NU43 is the lamp you can rely on for industrial, professional, and domestic use.


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