iQOO 5/Pro Smartphone Officially Released Snapdragon 865,120 Hz screen, etc


iQOO mobile phone officially launched iQOO 5, iQOO 5 Pro mobile phone, iQOO 5 price 3998 yuan, $571 now, online and offline synchronously open pre-sale, August 24 at 0 o ‘clock official sale. iQOO 5 Pro with a 120W super flash charge starts at 4998 YUAN, $714 and will be available for pre-order at 10pm on August 24.

IQOO 5 mobile phone 8GB+128GB selling price 3998 yuan,$571, 12GB+128GB selling price 4298 yuan, $614, 12GB+256GB selling price 4598 yuan, $656.

IQOO 5 Pro mobile phone 8GB+256GB selling price 4998 yuan, $714, 12GB+256GB selling price 5498 yuan,$785.

IQOO 5 Pro mobile phone is equipped with 120W super flash charging, charging 100% in 15 minutes, and 4000mAh battery capacity. Adopt the leading double charge pump, double cell series scheme and the first 6C cell in the industry to increase the charging current; The first “array type pole ear structure” cell reduces the loss.

Moreover, two TI high power density charge pump charging chips are used to achieve a charge conversion rate of more than 98.5%. IQOO 5 supports FlashCharge 55W super flash charging technology, and the battery capacity is 4500mAh.

IQOO 5 adopts larger and thicker heat dissipation area and high thermal conductivity gel material to make heat dissipation better, 24 heavy full link guarantee, and through the German Rhine 9 categories of a total of 41 safety fast charging certification; Intelligent judgment of rest time, support 100-240V wide voltage input, maximum 65W PD compatible output, smart, stable and more convenient, let you travel without worry about electricity.

IQOO 5 series will be used for system optimization ability strong AI, for Multi – Turbo 4.0 strengthen compiler optimizations, will be the past “iron triangle” performance (Snapdragon 865, LPDDR5 memory) 3.1 upgrade to “pyramid” performance, optimization of the CPU, GPU, and memory, read and write data to be obtained core functions such as speed, fluency, again running test is over 67 w points.

IQOO 5 adopts the exclusive customized 120Hz hypervision flexible screen, E3 luminescence material, 100% P3 gamepunic coverage, new matrix algorithm, coupled with the low blue ray eye protection certification issued by SGS, the color brightness is more accurate and eye protection. The dynamic image response time is 11ms, the length of drag is 0.7mm, and the new dynamic compensation algorithm makes the image transition more natural and the video experience smoother and smoother.

IQOO 5 mobile phone network supports 7 frequency 5G dual mode full netcom. Four-network switching and dual Wi-Fi 2.0, to deal with complex network environment, intelligent identification of the optimal network connection; It has two independent Bluetooth antennas, intelligent judgment signal transmission block, listen to the music transmission stable connection.

IQOO 5, as KPL’s new generation of official game phone, brings more esports functions. Multi-turbo 4.0 to solve congestion, 120Hz refresh rate + 240Hz sampling rate, X axis motor, dual speakers with Super linear amplitude loudspeaker and unique Super Audio algorithm, Hawkeye display enhancement 2.0 and many new game features, make your game experience more enjoyable and enjoyable.

IQOO 5 mobile phone has super linear speaker hidden in 0.3mm micro slot, the power button matte contrast, mobile phone is only 8.3mm thick, 197 grams of weight.

In terms of photography, the iQOO 5 Pro adopts full-pixel 4-in-1 dual-core focusing GN1 super-large bottom main photography, with super wide-angle macro lens, which can easily capture the beauty of the moment. Super night scene algorithm, night can also shoot a good film. The iQOO 5 Pro is equipped with 5X latent optical zoom, which supports up to 60x telephoto capability of mixed zoom, as well as optical and electronic stabilization, giving you a new photo experience.

IQOO 5 delivers a better iQOO UI and experience. In addition to the continuation of beautiful visual, smooth dynamic effect, easy to use interaction, delicate vibration system, this brings a custom wallpaper and more powerful Monster mode; “Document shooting + intelligent map reading + multi-screen interaction” can easily meet the needs of various occasions, realize cross-device operation, work and entertainment without delay; The cooperation with “Roffer Mechanical Keyboard” enriches and upgrades the experience of mechanical keyboard; NFC Card Management allows you to easily manage your identity and get home without electricity.


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