iQOO Neo 6 VS Redmi K50 Comparison Quick Review


Both iQOO Neo 6 and Redmi K50 are models with strong competitiveness in the 2,000 yuan range. Among them, iQOO Neo 6 has a more balanced overall quality, especially the game experience is excellent, but the budget is a few hundred dollars higher; while Redmi K50 although There are obvious shortcomings, the price is much cheaper and the price is higher!


The Redmi K50 is a rare 2K screen in the new 2,000 yuan range. It uses Samsung E4 material, supports 3200X1440 resolution, DC dimming, etc.; and iQOO Neo6 is also made of Samsung E4 material, but as a 1080P screen, the screen quality Is inferior.


The Redmi K50 uses the Dimensity 8100 processor. The performance of this chip surpasses that of the Snapdragon 870, and the power consumption is relatively balanced. It is a mid-range SOC with a good reputation among users. The iQOO Neo6 uses the latest Qualcomm SoC. With the Snapdragon 8 processor, it is undeniable that the extreme performance of this chip is better, but the power consumption is also known. Fortunately, iQOO Neo6 has upgraded the rare earth alloy material with better heat dissipation performance on Neo5S, and the total heat dissipation area has reached 46662mm. The game temperature control performs well among the Snapdragon 8 models.

In addition, iQOO Neo6 also has an independent display chip Pro, which can improve the game frame rate!

The rear camera of the Redmi K50 is still the 48-megapixel main camera with the Sony IMX582 sensor. Although OIS optical image stabilization has been added, the lack of hardware basically determines the upper limit of the camera quality. In contrast, the iQOO Neo6 rear camera The 64-megapixel main camera of Samsung GW1P has a lens specification that is a notch higher than that of the Redmi K50, and also supports optical image stabilization.

Battery and Charging:

The biggest highlight of the Redmi K50 is the large 5500mAh battery, which has longer battery life. With 67W flash charging, the battery life and charging experience will be very good. In contrast, the iQOO Neo6 has a battery of only 4700mAh, but the charging power reaches 80W, and the blood recovery speed is faster. !

Other Features

iQOO Neo6 is a model that is obviously biased towards the game. In addition to the independent display chip, it also supports dual pressure sensitivity under the screen, dual X-axis motors, and gaming antennas. With the support of this optional hardware for games, iQOO Neo6 Become the leader in the game models in the price of 2,000 yuan.

In addition, this iQOO Neo6 also provides two versions of plain leather and glass, especially the plain leather material has a better feel and look, but the thickness also reaches 8.88mm, basically leaving the choice to the user!

In a word, both the Redmi K50 and iQOO Neo6 are more competitive models. If you don’t care about taking pictures and pay attention to cost performance, you can give priority to the Redmi K50; for users who pay attention to a balanced experience and prefer games, a few There is really no need to save a budget of 100 yuan, just go directly to iQOO Neo6. Which of the two models do you think is better?

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