iQOO Z3 First Impression Review: With First Snapdragon 768


iQOO officially announced the news of the new mobile phone iQOO Z3. The new phones can be described as one after the other, and the iQOO product line is also growing. iQOO Z3 is positioned in the thousand yuan machine market and is a price-friendly product. The biggest highlight of the configuration is that it is equipped with a 55W fast charge that is rare in the same gear. It also has a five-layer liquid cooling system for better gaming. The heat dissipation performance of this product is not too much. Through the evaluation below, let us have a more in-depth understanding of this product!


iQOO Z3 has two colour schemes: Deep Space and Nebula.The Nebula color scheme. This color scheme is a bit close to the impression of the Vivo S9. Under the light, different colors surging on the body, bright and rich. In change. The phone adopts the frosted silver ion coating process, which feels fine and delicate, but it will leave some fingerprints after being touched for a long time.

In terms of design, iQOO Z3 basically continues the design language of the previous generation iQOO Z1x. The difference is that the camera module adopts a very orderly two-big and one-small layout, which is also the iconic design language of iQOO mobile phones.

In terms of details, the bottom and top of the iQOO Z3 have a crescent-shaped concave design. The SIM card is located on the top of the phone, but not in the centre. Friends with obsessive-compulsive disorder may not be able to bear it, but these small details are a bit for a thousand yuan phone. It’s nitpicking.

LCD screen with side fingerprint, standard LCD screen mobile phone configuration.

In terms of body size, iQOO Z3 has a measurement of 163.95 × 75.3 × 8.5mm and a weight of 185.5g, which is 14g lighter than iQOO Z1x, which is worthy of praise.

In terms of accessories, iQOO Z3 is still the standard style of the blue factory. Even if it is a thousand yuan phone, there is no shortage of chargers, protective cases and even mobile phone film.

On the front, iQOO Z3 is equipped with a 6.58-inch LCD full screen with a resolution of 2408 × 1080, a screen contrast of 1500:1, and a screen brightness (typical value) of 460nit. This is also the rare LCD screen mobile phone this year . In fact, even in 2021, when OLED screens are popular, the voice of “LCD will never be a slave” will still be heard on the Internet. The LCD screen of iQOO Z3 should make many LCD parties feel gratified.

In terms of styling, iQOO Z3 uses a water drop screen design. Although it is a bit outdated, fortunately, the black border of the water droplet is very small. The screen-to-body ratio of 90.61% is not lower than that of some punch-screen phones, but it is also true that the chin is slightly wider. Its own positioning and price are understandable.

The biggest attraction of this screen is that it supports 120Hz refresh rate and supports 180Hz touch sampling rate . It can display 120 frames per second. It is more friendly for some competitive FPS games, because the high brush of the screen determines the high frame of the game. The upper limit, such as FPS games, the picture will be clearer and smoother under high-speed movement. In addition, the screen of iQOO Z3 also supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut and HDR10, with excellent color performance.


Fast charging is the configuration that best reflects the iQOO brand’s “born and powerful” gene. iQOO can be described as a pioneer in the fast charging field. It is not only the first batch of 120W super flash charging but also the courage to decentralize the flagship fast charging. For example, iQOO Z3, as a thousand yuan machine, iQOO Z3 is equipped with a flagship 55W fast charge. When the power of Z3 is 15%, it can be charged to 60% in 15 minutes, and the fastest is 52 minutes to charge a large 4400mAh battery with 100 % Battery.

According to the actual measurement of the IGeekphone, starting from 1% power, it can be charged to 50% in 20 minutes, charged to 100% in 53 minutes, and fully charged in 57 minutes, which takes less than an hour in total. For a mobile phone with a price of 1,000 yuan and a built-in 4400mAh battery, this performance has been very good.

In terms of performance, iQOO Z3 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G processor, equipped with UFS2.2 and “memory fusion” technology, iQOO and Vivo partners should be familiar with “memory fusion” technology, through algorithm optimization, you can make mobile phones Part of the ROM is expanded to RAM. In the system details of many iQOO phones, you can see that the running memory is “8+3 GB”. This is the memory fusion technology, which is actually equivalent to 11GB RAM.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G processor was released in May last year. It integrates the NSA/SA dual-mode 5G baseband, has a fifth-generation AIE engine and an upgraded Adreno 620 GPU. For the CPU part, the Kryo 475 frequency can reach 2.8GHz, which is 15% higher than the Snapdragon 765G; for the GPU part, Adreno 620 is also 15% higher than the Snapdragon 765G.

In addition, Snapdragon 768G also supports a 120Hz screen, supports some Snapdragon Elite Gaming features, supports GPU driver upgrades, and more.

As usual, we run a score test on iQOO Z3 through AnTuTu and Geekbench:

Taking into account the positioning of the iQOO Z3 thousand yuan machine, the performance of the iQOO Z3 is still good. Let’s test it through a few games.

The first is “Honor of Kings”, with the highest image quality and highest frame rate enabled, and stable 60 frames. It is worthy of the exclusive KPL brand of Honor of Kings. iQOO Z3 has basically become a straight line in the game of about 10 minutes.

The highest picture quality of “Glory of the King”

“Peace Elite” smooth picture quality + extreme frame rate, 9 minutes game average frame rate is 59FPS.

“Peace Elite” smooth picture quality + extreme frame rate

“Peace Elite” HDR HD + ultra-high frame rate, 20 minutes average frame rate is 39.8FPS.

“Peace Elite” HDR HD + ultra-high frame rate

From the above data, iQOO Z3 has a good performance in dealing with games such as “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite”. Compared with flagship machines such as Snapdragon 888, the frame rate is no longer a gap. People can enjoy higher picture quality performance.

“Original God”. The optimization of this game is not satisfactory. Even with the Snapdragon 888, it is difficult to guarantee stable frame operation, which can be called a performance killer. Then the iQOO Z3 equipped with Snapdragon 768G has performance How about it?

In the game settings, we set the picture quality to low (default) and the frame rate to 60. The game scenes include monster killing and walking in the wild. It can be seen that in a 10-minute game, the average frame rate of iQOO Z3 is 48.2. Although it is running at low image quality, this performance has exceeded my expectations. After all, this game is too expensive to configure, and the frame rate performance of iQOO Z3 is relatively good. In the game, when encountering scene transitions, you will feel a little bit stuck and dropped frames, but it does not affect the actual experience too much.

“The Original God”

As a thousand yuan machine, iQOO Z3 is also compatible with 14 high frame rate games, including “Ace Warrior”, “Minecraft”, “New World of Gods and Demons”, “Scar of Zero World”, etc. 120 frames, but it needs to be explained because the IT house is not a retail version of the model, the frame rate still shows 60 when testing some of the above games, here is a demonstration.

Configuration is the cornerstone of the gaming experience, and additional features beyond the configuration will make the gaming experience even better, such as iQOO Z3’s Eagle Eye Display Enhancement 2.0, Game Eye 2.0, 4D Game Vibration, Game Companion, Game Box, etc. And so on. With the decentralization of flagship functions, iQOO Z3 can also enjoy the exclusive gaming experience of the flagship machine. Take Hawkeye Display Enhancement 2.0 as an example. After turning it on, the contrast of the screen is significantly improved, which is more conducive for players to find enemies.

GIF demo

In addition, iQOO Z3 is equipped with a five-layer liquid cooling system. The official statement is that it consists of super liquid cooling heat pipe + multilayer three-dimensional graphite heat sink + high-conductivity heat dissipation copper foil + thermal gel + 6 temperature sensors, so many terms; in fact, just one sentence- iQOO Z3 will not be too hot for charging or playing games. We can also confirm this with a temperature measuring gun. In the 30-minute game of “Yuan Shen”, the body temperature of iQOO Z3 has always been kept at 40°C, and the hand feels warm, which is better than many Snapdragon 888 models. Better.

When charging, the body temperature of iQOO Z3 is always controlled below 38 °C; even in the early peak power charging, the body is not hot.


iQOO Z3 uses a combination of 64 Megapixel ultra-clear Main Camera + 120° ultra-wide-angle lens + 4cm macro lens, which supports 4K/60fps video shooting and Super Night Scene 2.0, Super Night Scene Selfie 2.0, video EIS anti-shake, smart sports tracking, etc. Features.

The main camera of iQOO Z3 is Samsung GW3 , with an f/1.79 aperture and 64 million pixels. From the proofs, the performance of iQOO Z3’s camera is qualified at this price. iQOO’s polishing of GW3 is not bad, whether it is resolution or edge. The image quality and the white balance performance are in line with the performance of this gear.

The color of iQOO Z3 is still iQOO’s family-style. The colour is more gorgeous, and the saturation is high. It is very suitable for shooting some bright scenes. With the main camera and large aperture, the proofs are very pleasing to the eye in some food, flowers and other scenes. In addition, the color consistency between the super wide-angle and the main camera is relatively good. As for the 4cm macro, it is somewhat suspect. Compared with the super macro shooting, I prefer to choose the main camera. After all, the latter has a better picture—quality and depth of field performance.


From the experience point of view, iQOO Z3 is a very competitive product, such as the decentralization of flagship features such as Hawkeye 2.0, 4D game vibration, and game companion, which makes the gaming experience of this thousand yuan machine rich and full. For example, fast charging and temperature control during games also have impressive performances for players.

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In terms of parameters, 55W flash charge, 120Hz high screen refresh, 14 high frame rate game support, Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G + memory fusion + UFS 2.2, iQOO Z3 is still full of sincerity, if you are more sensitive to the price, but also a mobile game enthusiast, iQOO Z3 is the right choice for you.


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