Is 60 seconds enough for an explainer video?


If you have ever dealt with the video for marketing purposes, then you probably know the importance of such a parameter as length or duration.

Sense of proportion is crucial especially when it is about interacting with the unfamiliar people whose attention you try to attract. The tool has to ignite curiosity and desire to buy, but if overdoing, then viewers might take it as you overuse their time and reject the product or service you suggest subconsciously.

Depending on the aim, context, style, pitch and some other factors an explainer’s length can vary drastically. However, there are some common recommendations regarding this point

— The shorter — the better

— 120 seconds of length is the threshold after which the level of attention diminishes dramatically

— The length of 60-90 seconds is the best

— Different factors determine the best length in each case

What is an explainer video?

If you compel the main info about a brand and present it via a sum of simple easy to understand messages employing different visual and sound entertaining effects — that will be an explainer video.

From the functionally perspective such a tool is supposed to solve the following tasks

— Generate leads

— Stimulate conversion

— Increase brand popularity.

And keep in mind that such tools are not for detailing and instructing.  But if you need to release a tutorial then consider longer length or even producing several interconnected episodes and integrated on different channels of distribution.

By the way, different distributional channels determine differences in the length of an animated explainer video.

What length matches different distributional channels

Each channel has its own restrictions and formats to be followed along with the preferences of the audience.

  • Social media

This channel is mainly displayed on mobile phones and tablets. Viewers view it casually and want to be entertained.

Instagram video can reach 60 seconds. Yet, the ones of 26 seconds get the major views and reactions.

Ticktock limits are the same, but the ones with sound can’t be longer than 15 seconds.

And the highest engagement on Facebook shows a video of 60 seconds.

  • YouTube serves as a platform for longer content. Users are consciously looking for something related to precise topics. Hence, they are ready to spend much more time viewing something they are initially interested in.
  • Web page and landing page

In these cases, a possible length has a wide spectrum. There can be used 30-seconds teasers stimulating anticipation or promoting general brand awareness as well as 6-minutes documentary historical overviews of the firm and its brand development.

It is amenable if the story captures attention and establishes an emotional connection between a brand and its audience.

  • Exhibition. Such events are generally crowded, noisy, and a bit chaotic. During an exhibition, a visitor is bombed by announcements, promos, and visual content. It is not so easy to stand out from the general background. In this case, video is supposed to catch a walking aside visitor’s attention and stimulate him to come closer to comprehend the messages better. So, the timeline should be short enough to restart again and again with the visitors approaching.

It said that 30-120 seconds length is perfect for exhibitions.

  • E-mail. Email marketing still remains a working tool in Internet Marketing. It is actively used on the validation stage and for supplying relationship with the customers who have dealt with the brand

When you have collected considerable data of the subscribers and customers, it comes a time to inform them about the special proposal or new products your firm brings onto a market.

Use 60-120 seconds explainers. This duration shows the best engagement potency.

Visit this web source to see examples of the 60 second explainer video


Make it shorter — it will serve better. This a proven fact. And from this perspective 60-seconds is ideal.

But, on the other hand, the tool belongs to the field of creativeness. It automatically means that the borders of the standard can be extended if it helps to address the messages and hook a viewer.


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