Is Bitcoin A Good Investment?


Over the previous decade, bitcoin has spawned a collective insaneness. It’s difficult to say if this coin would become the reserve currency of the world or a generally acknowledged store of value like gold. Some investors are frightened of the exhilaration of riches or devastation, while some would like to participate in bitcoin because of the potential for big earnings.

Bitcoin is unquestionably a game-changing technology, and it will be less dangerous in the year 2021 than it was in 2012. Since becoming a lawful tender in El Salvador last year, other governments will want to imitate the move in order to foster innovation, whereas others outright prohibit it in order to safeguard their fiat currency. Bitcoin has risen to prominence in the worldwide geopolitical situation, and 2022 appears to be mostly about widespread popularity.

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a multiuse, fully accessible digital money that was the world’s first of its type. Bitcoin was invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and is distinct from fiat money such as the New Zealand dollar or the United States dollar, which are regulated by financial institutions. Instead, it allows transactions amongst unrelated parties to take place without the assistance of a central authority.

Bitcoin’s decentralized verification method enables people or organizations to send money to one another in a faster and more cost-effective manner than regular banking transactions. Bitcoin is produced through a process known as mining, in which users that confirm network transactions are rewarded with Bitcoin. They add transparency and traceability to the infrastructure by verifying these transactions.

To purchase Bitcoin in NZ, creating a brokerage account on any well-reputed crypto platform will help you get through the account verification process easily and get trading.

Advantages of Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s exceptional performance as a commodity as well as an investment has garnered both conventional and professional investors. To be honest, there are some benefits to investing in bitcoin versus traditional investments.


Given the widespread construction of brokerage firms, swaps, as well as online real estate brokers, Bitcoin is probably one of the most accessible financial assets. With very cheap costs, you may simply exchange bitcoin for cash or valuables like gold.

If you’re searching for a quick profit, bitcoin’s high liquidity makes it an excellent investing vehicle. Due to its superior customer preferences, cryptocurrencies may potentially be a protracted investment.

Transparency as well as Anonymity for Users

Bitcoin users are recognized by numerical identifiers and will have several public keys, albeit they are not fully anonymous. This eliminates public monitoring and prevents transactions from being linked back to the customer. Regardless of the fact that the transactions are constantly visible, which provides transparency, blockchain technology ensures that they are protected from fraud.

Furthermore, you, as the account proprietor, would be the only one who knows however many bitcoin transactions you have. Even when the identifier for your account becomes public, you can create an entirely new address for greater protection as well as anonymity.

In contrast to a typical monetary policy framework wherein personal information might be disclosed from a bank; Bitcoin exchanges do not require any extra personally identifiable information, which enhances security and privacy.

Independence from the Central Government

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means it isn’t connected to a specific bank or financial institution. This implies that the bitcoins are unlikely to be frozen or demanded by law enforcement agencies. There really is no method to tax Bitcoin in a practical way.

Since the value is not really related to the legal framework, this presumably provides people independence and freedom over their money. And, in fact, cryptocurrency individuals consider this to be one of the most significant benefits of Bitcoin.

Another disadvantage of Bitcoin’s decentralized nature is that there is no assurance of a minimum value. As a result, if a huge group of investors refuses to continue utilizing bitcoin transactions and sell them, the cryptocurrency’s value might plummet, affecting users who own substantial amounts of the cryptocurrency.

High Possibility for Profit

Bitcoin values are notoriously volatile, fluctuating dramatically month by month and even sometimes nearly every day. For example, Bitcoin was valued at $975.70 during March 2017, and then it soared to $20,089 during December after only a few months. Bitcoin’s price achieved a whole maximum of $64,000 during April 2021, just a few years down the line.

This demonstrates that, despite considerable price fluctuations, cryptocurrency enthusiasts may see it as one of Bitcoin’s perks because it may result in a significant return potential. Several market participants have expressed a preference to embrace Bitcoin since a burgeoning number of individuals believe it is a potential world currency. This contributes to a bigger return potential, particularly for all those who purchased it at a lesser price.

Disadvantages of Investing in Bitcoin:

Despite its quick development and the growing number of participants, Bitcoin does have certain drawbacks to contemplate. Listed below are some of the prominent disadvantages of bitcoin investments:

Lack of Laws and Regulations

Sure, a decentralized currency is one of the advantages of cryptocurrencies, but it could also be perceived as little more than a drawback of Bitcoin because it means that Bitcoin investments are unregulated. Unlike a currency governed by one monetary authority, Bitcoin transactions remain unsupervised by law and are often irreversible, making them vulnerable to fraud.


Another concern is the absence of security, as Bitcoin exchanges are private and uncontrolled. Since Bitcoin exchanges are irrevocable and definitive, there is nothing that can be accomplished if the wrong amount or receiver is sent. There’s also the possibility of losing money.

Many Bitcoin users opt to store their money in a bitcoin wallet, putting their assets in danger if they forfeit access to the confidential key. Your assets might become unavailable or gone totally in a couple of minutes if a disk drive malfunctions or malware damages the data or perhaps even your wallet.

Bounded or Limited Usage

Despite the fact that an increasing number of businesses, like Microsoft and several Subway locations accept Bitcoin, the currency is still not generally recognized. In contrast to the use of a bank card, this restricts where you may spend all your money.


Despite the numerous advantages of cryptocurrencies and the advantages of Bitcoin, in particular, many people still regard it as a dangerous investment. However, investing in Bitcoin, like any other investment, necessitates preliminary study. Examining a list of Bitcoin’s benefits and drawbacks is merely the first step. It’s also a great way to learn how crypto as well as crypto wallets function, as well as the market’s accessibility and the accompanying expectations and hazards. If you do start investing, keep in mind that there are several tools at your disposal.


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