Is Flutter the Future of Mobile App Development?


Currently, we live in an era of mobile applications. Computer programs and web solutions are still very relevant, although mobile apps are becoming much more demanded and competitive. Modern smartphones are not a luxury for the majority of people already. Their accessibility and possibilities make them the most useful tool for anybody.

Smartphones providing easy and quick access to the Internet and enough power to have almost any application imaginable in your hands make businesses invest in the app development for their products and services. This calls for convenient developing tools and opportunities to cover such high demand. Luckily, Flutter ( is one of the top solutions for fast and high-quality application development for companies.

Modern App Development Solutions with Flutter

What exactly is Flutter? It is a Google-based application development kit that is perfect for creating cross-platform apps. One of the strong points of Flutter is that it is open-sourced and free for all. These features give more accessibility to programmers and designers. The programming language used in Flutter is Dart. Thanks to it, there is an opportunity to create both mobile and web applications.

The interest in this framework has increased thanks to its convenient features and versatility. High-quality solutions powered by Google have attracted many developers to use Flutter instead of other similar developing kits. This SDK has already supported a wide range of both starting businesses and well-known companies. Alibaba online market is one of the examples as this company has utilized Flutter for some parts of its mobile e-commerce application.

The Advantages of Using Flutter for App Development

There are many strong points that Flutter has to offer. Many developers have already chosen it over other analogous frameworks for a reason. Here are some of the things that attract programmers:

  • A single codebase – this convenient feature saves a lot of time and effort. Flutter is suitable for both iOS and Android operating systems, and it does a good portion of the job automatically.
  • Designing amazing and user-friendly interfaces – using special Flutter widgets, you can create a stunning interface for your app almost effortlessly. Those developers familiar with React will find the process even easier. All widgets are divided into two groups based on which operating system you are working with, Android or iOS.
  • Simple approach – as all Google solutions, Flutter is user-friendly and convenient at all stages of application development. By choosing from a variety of handy widgets, you will receive the support from the very start to the finishing touches on your mobile app.
  • Hot Reload – it is a revolutionary feature that allows the programmers to look at the implemented changes instantly in real-time. Thanks to this feature, it becomes considerably easier to test applications for bugs and try out different things.
  • Cross-platform programming – with Flutter, it is possible to use a single tool kit for developing programs supported on iOS and Android.

Flutter is a convenient framework for the cross-platform development of various mobile apps. It allows for faster development in comparison with many other similar frameworks. Numerous handy features make Flutter so popular among mobile app developers nowadays.


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