Is LeTV LeEco Le S4 Coming with Snapdragon 835 RAM 6GB Curved Screen


Today Letv has leaked its new curved screen smartphone, although there is no obvious logo of Letv, from the front design, it is full of Letv style with symmetrical design. So will it be Letv LeEco Le S4?

In addition, according to the leaked photos, the new smartphone comes with dual curved screen, the whole body is quite thin, it is strange that we don’t see the volume button, and previously, Letv has removed 3.5mm earphone jack.

In terms of practice, there is no big effect to remove earphone jack, it’s too confused to cancel the volume button. In theory, Letv should use the other solution to replace the volume button.

Furthermore, Letv will stick to high-end specs, so this new smartphone will use Snapdragon 835 processor, RAM 6GB, the camera will use dual rear camera, black+white and color one.

As for release date, right now we have no further news, but rumored Le S4 will be released in April or May, which is the rush season for Chinese manufacturers to release their new phone.


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