Is online rummy safe and fair?


Online rummy, the most popular card game in India and played by millions, has raised concerns in certain quarters about its safety and fair play standards.

Rummy is traditionally a very popular pass-time activity among Indians, and with the advent of digital technology, the game has gained in popularity and accessibility.

There are numerous free online rummy gaming apps where you can play rummy, win cash rewards and improve your rummy-playing skills online against players from around the country. Since people are registering for tournaments and winning awards in cash, there are concerns about the safety of money, the legalities involved, and more. The online gaming apps body, the Rummy Federation (TRF), has set up norms and regulations for guidance on several issues in the industry. They require free online rummy gaming apps to bar underage players; flag any addiction to the game; ensure all fair and above-board rules are followed with complete transparency; no fraudulent activities are entertained in terms of transactions, and promote safe gaming behavior.

Safe payment modes

The online rummy platforms have adopted the latest cyber security features. Any possibility of human error is eliminated with everything being transparent and automatic.

All online transactions and winnings are credited to the players’ accounts automatically. All platforms have standard payment gateways such as Paytm, PayU, NetBanking, UPI, etc. Debit and credit card payments and net banking options are also offered to smoothen the transaction process. Moreover, rummy apps are secured with an SSL certificate, thereby providing security of payments.

The legality of Online Rummy

Rummy Apps are legal in India.  In 1996, the Supreme Court, in its ruling, declared that rummy is specifically a game of skill.

Playing rummy, a game of skill is counted as a business activity, Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India, safeguards it when playing with cash.


All the online gaming platforms offering rummy have clear rules and regulations listed on their website. There are detailed dos and don’ts of playing the game. There are practice games for people to try out their gaming skills. Players are advised not to play tournaments or join skilled games without first going in for the practice games.

Two people from the same IP address are not allowed to play on the same table to ensure responsible gaming.

Responsible Gaming

The online gaming platforms try to give an authentic and credible playing experience. Hence, for all, it is vital to build and maintain a reputation of fair play. These games are only meant for those who are 18 plus. No underage access is allowed as credentials are double-checked.

Players are encouraged to set self-spending limits. There are checks and balances in place to flag any unauthorized activities. Gaming platforms have a risk management team that constantly monitors player statistics, and any anomalies in playing behavior are noted through algorithms and actions taken accordingly. People who overindulge in terms of playing hours or money are sent warnings repeatedly, and some are even banned for a certain period.

Players are assured of fair play in card dispersion. Everything is done through automation, from card shuffling to dealing, Jokers, and point calculation. This automation is ensured through a Random Number Generator or RNG, which is a must for all certified online Rummy platforms. This RNG is a software that ensures random outcomes for any task undertaken in the playing of rummy—be it shuffling, dealing, etc.

The RNG is verified by international labs, which take into account factors like unpredictability, non-repeatability, and uniform distribution.

Anti-collusion techniques are employed during all our free online card games at all times.

Self-Assessment Surveys

Most certified gaming apps have self-assessment surveys to assess a person’s spending habits, gameplay, frequency of playing the game, etc. If any addictive behavior is seen, in-house support is extended.


There are certain precautions that the players need to follow on their own to ensure fair and ethical play.

Always remember rummy is a game, and the app is there for your entertainment and sport. Treat it as such and do not become obsessed with it.


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