Is the CompTIA A+ Certification Worth Earning? What’s the Latest Structure of Its Exams?



The worth of taking certification exams is tied to what you gain from the badge you’ll earn. As a candidate, you should weigh the benefits, but regarding the CompTIA A+ credential, the decision is obvious. CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Questions – 220-1001 With all the knowledge, skills, and opportunities it brings, the time and money you need to invest will not be a big deal in the long run.

From this post, you’ll know more about this accreditation, the path to obtaining it, and the perks you’ll get. Without further ado, let’s start!

General Overview

The CompTIA A+ certification is vendor-neutraland is attained from passing two assessments, namely, 220-1001 and 220-1002. CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Test Questions – Sy0-601 These tests validate a professional’s know-how in performing their computer technician roles that involve the positions of help desk tech, desktop support administrator, service desk analyst, and others. Each of these exams will cost you $226 to apply for.

The Latest Content and Details of A+ Exams

The syllabus of the A+ assessments was updated in 2019, so it involves the modern concepts every IT beginner should be aware of. Link for PrepAway  Thus, exam 220-1001 includes the domains such as networking technology and troubleshooting, hardware, mobile devices, cloud computing, and virtualization. To ace this test, you need to gain a score of 675 points out of 900 or above.

220-1002, in turn, covers software troubleshooting, expanded security, operational procedures, and installing Oss as well as configuring them. Here, you have to achieve a mark of 700/900 to get a pass status. Exam Dumps Each exam has 90 questions and you’re expected to use 90 minutes to manage them. Included are tasks in multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and performance-based form.

So, what does it mean to nail these assessments and earn the A+ badge? Let’s find out if it’s worth going this route after all!

Is CompTIA A+ Worth It?

As was said above, before enrolling in any certification process, you need to weigh the advantages it can bring you. Certbolt Website Security Plus SY0-601 Thus, the main perks you acquire once earning the A+ credential are the following:

  • You gain a comprehensive understanding of the sphere

The A+ tests cover both core and specific topics that vary from critical PC basics and hardware components to operating systems to networking, etc. So, mastering them, you show that you have established a dependable foundation to perform your IT support duties. This is where you begin building your IT career since the A+ badge can serve as a great basis for more advanced certifications by CompTIA.

  • You understand your preferences better

Initially, by studying the topics, you can know which area you’d like to specialize in. When having a variety to choose from and knowing much about every section, it’s easier to find out which one will suit you most.  Certbolt N10-007 Dumps Also, being accredited, you have more job opportunities, so you’ll be able to do some trials before picking the role which is best for you.

  • You can expect better pay

Apart from helping you gain skills and learn which direction to take in your IT career, the CompTIA A+ exams and certification also enhance your chances of receiving a higher salary. states that with this credential, you can earn about $61k per year. Isn’t it a good start considering that the positions you can apply for are entry-level?


Knowing all the benefits and certification details, now you can easily make a decision about whether CompTIA A+ is what you need. Remember that with such a strong foundation, you can advance with higher-level accreditations, get employed in various positions, receive a decent income, and many more. So, start with the A+ exams and obtain the support you need for the next step!


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