Is the iPhone 12 a good handset for gaming?


It may only seem like yesterday that Apple treated us to the iPhone 11 but that has not stopped the company releasing their brand-new handset recently. The iPhone 12 has been attracting strong reviews and features several great additions to previous models including a great camera, brand new processor and superb water resistance. Available in five different colours: black, white red, green and blue, it is likely to be on the Christmas lists of people all over the world this year.

However, should gaming fans be excited by the product? All gamers spend hours and hours glued to their phones every single day. This means that buying a device incapable of getting the job done in this department would be disastrous. Here is what we made of the device.


One thing that the iPhone 12 does have going for it in the gaming department is a very powerful processor chip. The A14 Bionic chip is Apple’s most powerful phone processor yet, making the device able to handle any mobile game with absolute ease. Whether it be Candy Crush, Angry Birds or some iGaming titles by Yggdrasil Gaming, this processor will be able to deal with whatever it is you throw at it.

Equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, two microphones and noise cancelation capabilities, the phone is also capable of providing truly 3D sound. This will always lead to an immersive sonic experience. The spin of the slot reel, flick of a playing card and rattle of the roulette wheel can all be perfectly recreated, providing a truly excellent iGaming experience. You may even be tricked into thinking you are at the casino yourself!

Further strengthening the iPhone 12’s hand is its capability with the brand new 5G network. 5G is the new generation of wireless technology. For starters, it is much faster than both 3G and 4G – perfect for maintaining a strong, reliable internet connection during your marathon iGaming sessions. 5G also particularly suits gaming as it has a far reduced latency time that other networks. This refers to the slight delay you can often experience when pressing a button and an action being performed. Without these delays, gaming on the iPhone 12 is bound to be great.


Despite all of these great plus points, the iPhone 12 does not provide the perfect gaming experience for several reasons. Most notably, many players are likely to find the small screen rather frustrating. Measuring up at just 6.1 inches, some games will simply not look their best. With this small screen size you could find it hard to be precise with your finger movements – which really is not ideal for gaming.

Further to this, the device’s questionable battery life also limits its effectiveness for gaming. Although Apple claims that the device should be able to handle 12 hours of online gaming without needing to be charged, early tests suggest that this number is significantly inflated. Furthermore, the battery is also likely to perform worse over time as most phone power sources do.


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