Is The iPhone The Best Business Mobile For 2019?


The use of smartphones is becoming more and more prominent in the world of business and it is no surprise that many want to know which brand of mobile phone is best suited for anything from social trading, to simply answering business emails.

With an up to date mobile phone such as an iPhone, you have unlimited browsing capability, helping you to achieve to the highest standards across a number of industries. With seamless transitions between apps and the speed at which you can load documents, the iPhone has everything a business person may need. What’s more, most, if not all applications are designed to work alongside the iOS system, so there are very few limitations to tackle.

So, with the iPhone being a popular choice due to its versatility, simplicity and app capability, many have been led to believe that this could be the best mobile phone for business, but how true is this really? We’re exploring, below.

It Has The Benefits Of iCloud

Using an iPhone provides you with the opportunity to access iCloud, which comes with a number of benefits, particularly for businesses. While the obvious positive would be the easy and secure storage of documents on an online network, it also allows you to share your calendars, location and in some cases, activity, with your contacts.

These functions mean that using your phone will make networking, social trading and business communication much easier and quicker, which is ideal when you are faced with pressing deadlines or a quick-changing stock market. You can easily share documents with employees and other companies securely through the cloud, as the data is encrypted, ensuring maximum security every time.

The Battery Life Can Be Unreliable  

Although this appears to tick all the boxes for the perfect business phone, the iPhone does have some flaws that other devices have managed to avoid – particularly, it’s battery life. For business men and women operating on the stock or commodity markets, being able to look in on the latest activity at any point means that you can be in the know of any immediate changes as they happen. By having a phone with a stable battery life, access is never limited which is where the battery life of the iPhone may meet its downfall.

Android devices such as the latest Samsung Galaxy range offer a more reliable battery life, ensuring you won’t have to worry about charging your phone as often so you can focus on making that trade, replying to an important email or securing a new client. However, the rise in availability of portable power banks has made this concern a very small one – all you have to do is plug in your iPhone and go, eradicating this worry for the most part.

iPhones Are Ahead Of The Curve

Although there are some drawbacks, the iPhone is actually ahead of its competitors, due to its advanced technology and up-to-date programming. With everything from a clear camera that makes Facetime a better quality, to incredible app-handling capabilities, even through to its incredibly fast processor that makes it ideal for conference calls with existing and potential clients, it certainly has its selling points.

Some other reasons as to why Apple and their iPhones are sitting confidently ahead of the curve include:

  • Regular iOS updates
  • Easy-to-use accessibility
  • Apple Pay
  • Seamless integration with Macs, iPads and other Apple devices
  • Reliable internet access
  • Siri For Voice Search Capability

All of these elements are highly beneficial for everything from day to day business, to commodity trading, as they allow for fast, efficient work. IPhones offer the best of the best from a security point of view too, allowing you to keep all your information safe whilst being as active online as you need. Do you own an iPhone? Would you make the switch?


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