Is this the Xiaomi Notebook we wait for?


We have mention before that Xiaomi is gonna announce on the 27th something new. Today we see that it is official, as it is mentioned at the official forum – en.miui. What is gonna be announce still remains a mystery. At the thread created at en.miui is said Redmi Pro and something else. So…what is gonna be this something else!?


Today we have seen on the internet some new photo of a notebook that is said to be the long waiting Xiaomi Notebook. We have mention it and before. Now with these images seems that the rumors become reality.

Rumors about the creation of a Xiaomi Notebook exist long ago and only recently they started to reappear as the final plans where ready for manufacture. Rumors also say that this Xiaomi Notebook will be powered by an Intel Skylake-U series processor. It is believed that OS will be Windows, specially after Xiaomi and Microsoft have been working together for a while now.


From the photos you might see a resemblance of the Xiaomi Notebook with the Apple notebook, but from what it looks like, Xiaomi has added some things, like these vents in the base. An other difference from most of the notebooks is that the camera has been moved from the mid-top of the screen to the bottom left hand corner. The keyboard and a large trackpad looks like is following the Apple style.


The rest of the configuration still seems to be the same. A Core i7-6500U dual core 2.5-3.1GHz/HD 520/TDP 15W, RAM 8GB is said to complete the hardware configuration. But there is something else, also very exciting, the price itself. Xiaomi has get us used to low prices even for high models and this seems that is happening and now…1999 Yuan (299$) is said to be the announced price!

So, who wants to get one!? I for sure…!


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