It’s Getting to That Time Again


Where all the big players of the Smartphone world get set to launch their new devices and fans of both Androids and those that use the iOS platform begin to reveal their new ranges.

Today it’s the turn of Samsung who has revealed a new range of Galaxy Note Smartphones which includes one that has the largest screen yet. This is in the hope that the Korean giant makes a concerted attempt to get ahead of Apple which is set to launch their new iPhone in September.

These weeks are certainly exciting ones for those that love to keep their phones updated – for those that don’t care so much it’s still entertaining to see the big players battle it out for first position.

But no matter which side of the fence you are on there is no doubt that we continue to rely on our smartphones for so much more than keeping in touch.

It’s safe to say we all lead busy lives and so having something that is portable and convenient that can manage any shopping, banking, booking needs that we have is going to become the most essential piece of kit, and that is exactly what the smartphone has become.

Not only to we browse, shop and pay for goods and services online, we also search for our entertainments via our smartphones and because of that many industries like the industry have optimised their games for the smaller screen and now players can find a selection of best sites as well as classic online games like Texas Hold’em and roulette in many variations.

A bigger screen will certainly appeal to game players and Samsung unveiled two sizes of the new device; the Note 10 and the Note 10+ which have a 6.3inch and 6.8inch screen respectively.

There is also a 5G-compatible version of the Note 10+ being released soon and Samsung hopes that this wil help the company to get a lead on the next generation of mobile networks.

Now its safe to say that these new devices do not come cheap, and some models are expected to cost in excess of £1000 – the lowest priced Note will set you back £899 with the cost increasing for increased memory or the larger model.

On sale on August 23rd possibly the most notable feature is an upgrade to its S Pen stylus which means that the phone can respond to gestures mid-air. Using the S Pen like a wand where users can swipe or zoom and skip songs with ease.


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